Sonoma County Food Pop-Ups Worth Finding This Summer

Find this summer's most delicious pop-ups in Sonoma County — from burgers and birria to riffs on classic Chinese cuisine.

Food trucks may have rolled up into our hearts, but tent hawkers and pop-up provisions are the next frontier in ultra-casual cuisine. These creative cooks thumb their noses at tradition, change menus on a dime, and constantly experiment with new ideas.

You’ll find them at breweries and wineries, outside gyms, or wherever hungry people congregate. But don’t try to find them by phone or address; you’ve got to be on social media to catch them.

Whiz Kids

Golden Steak Warriors

Sonoma County has finally (finally!) seen the golden light of Cheez Whiz and grilled steak on an Amoroso roll, Philly-style. This husband-and-wife team pop-up at spots like Maison Healdsburg and local wineries with their oooey, gooey noshes.

Cheesesteak fries at Golden Steak Warriors
Golden Steak Warriors fries with Old Bay seasoning, cheese sauce and steak. (Heather Irwin)
Eclectic Chef

Half Hitch

Though officially based in Tomales, chef Amelia Telc brings her skills to The Casino in Bodega and other Sonoma County pop-up spots frequently. Korean and Chinese cuisine strongly influence the menus of the SF Mission Chinese alum, though she’s well-versed in European standards as well.

Pork Bo Ssam at Half Hitch
Slow roasted pork bossam at The Casino’s Half Hitch pop-up. (Heather Irwin)
Underground Chinese

The Matriarch

An offshoot of fried chicken pop-up favorite Second Staff, this new iteration in their constantly morphing culinary adventures riffs on classic Chinese cuisine, including soup dumplings and gai-lan. Like all of their offerings, it’s usually a late-night thing, going past midnight.

Haute Dogs

HILO Burgers

Deeply delicious (and messy) smash burgers, chili cheese dogs, and fries are their jam. They’re mostly a Healdsburg thing, with the BloodRoot tasting room and Molti Amici as their regular (but irregularly scheduled) haunts.

High Design


Frequently found around Healdsburg in cahoots with HILO Burgers, hip-tastic cocktail creations feel straight out of a Wes Anderson film. Otello Tiano, the former bar director at San Francisco’s Michelin-starred Lazy Bear, garnishes his Desert Disco rum/bourbon creation with a blood-orange peel in the shape of a lightning bolt.

Mooving Tribute

Bayou’s Burgers and Birria

A spin-off of California-Cajun favorite Bayou on the Bay with—you guessed it—burgers and birria. Chefs Bradley and Mandy sling some serious beef, using locally raised Scottish Highland cattle. Often found at breweries or outside Santa Rosa’s Session Climbing.