Snoop and Martha Are Smoking in the Kitchen

Weed and dinner parties bring Snoop and Martha together this fall

Snoop and Martha are hosting a new diner party show this fall on VH1

A love of herb has brought together Martha Stewart and rapper Snoop Dogg for a new television series called “Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party” this fall. And we don’t mean oregano.

The two will host an unscripted dinner party with cooking, celebrity guests, and plenty of cannabis-related banter on VH1.

Though it may seem curious that the queen of all things tasteful and the Doggfather are doing their own version of Ebony and Ivory (and Greenery!) around the dinner table, the unlikely couple have a longtime on-air relationship–mostly around discussing the wacky weed.

Several years ago, Snoop appeared on Martha making brownies and mashed potatoes with Stewart, while also explaining the definition of “fo-shizzle”. You can feel the Martha audience looking for celebrity guest Nathan Lane or Clare Danes as Snoop raps about baked goods and jokes about vanilla.

But Martha just eats it up, as cool as a cucumber, and the two were a natural during the Christmas show. “We’re missing the most important part of the brownies,” he says,”Which is?” asks Martha. “No sticks, no seeds, no stems,” he adds, as she cackles. Literally cackles.

Martha is so living the 420 lifestyle.

In fact, the two appeared at a roast for Justin Bieber and rumor is that Martha inhaled backstage. She also supposedly rolls a very tastefully wrapped joint. Snoop and Martha also recently appeared on $100,000 Pyramid, and on Reddit Martha expressed a wish that she and Snoop could be better friends.

Wish granted.

“Martha? Oh yeah, she is smokin’ in the kitchen. And she can cook too,” says Snoop in a promo video. Though it’s no secret that Snoop enjoys a bit of the ganj, well, everyday, he’s recently launched a marijuana lifestyle website called Merry Jane that’s blowing some serious smoke up our skirts. He’s also a producer of a MTV comedy Mary+Jane.

Though Martha Stewart as the poster child for the legalization for medical and recreational marijuana seems a long shot, marrying it with celebrities, cooking and lifestyle bring the message of cannabis normalization to the masses. Even if it comes in a bejeweled case, wrapped in a Japanese furoshiki with a personal notecard and a recipe for pot brownies. Fo-shizzle.

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