Snack food democracy

As you’ve probably figured out by now, BiteClub’s got a thing for being first.
Especially when it comes to food. Doubly so when it comes to snacks. So you can
imagine how freakishly jacked-up I get when five bags of not-yet-released-to-the-public
Fire & Spice potato chips land on the doorstep for my tasting pleasure.*

Not feeling it? Stick with me here. Each year Kettle Chips release five
yet-untested flavors–we’re talking cool, gourmet(ish) stuff here–in a party
pack. The idea is that you taste these
test batches–this year’s happen to be Wicked Hot Sauce, Mango Chili, Jalapeno
Salsa Fresca, Orange Ginger Wasabi and Death Valley Chipotle
–and vote on which
one should become the next People’s Choice chip. The winner is eventually
released to the general public in a year or so.

You, however, live with the smug knowledge that you’ve contributed in some
small way to snack food democracy.

If you’re up to the challenge, the Fire & Spice box is available for $14.95
at Kettle Foods.
Yes, it’s a little pricey, but think of the hours of fun you’ll
have. The kit comes with voting cards & stickers, along with five
full-sized bags of chips. Try it at Thanksgiving. You can combat the pre-dinner
blahs or spice up your leftover turkey sandwich later that night.
(Plus it
keeps those pesky houseguests out of the kitchen!)

*So jacked up, in fact, that Fiesty McNibs can personally attest that he and I will be spending our Saturday evening locked in secrecy, tasting each of the flavors. Repeatedly. With milk shooters. Serious business.