Secret Chipotle Menu?

Sofrito, quesorito exposed!

chipotlelogoThe lines have lessened, though not entirely abated at Rohnert Park’s new Chipotle restaurant. What’s news: A supposedly “secret” menu item called the Quesorito. The diet-destroying abomination is a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla. In the Bay Area, you’ll also find “Sofrito” on the menu, which the company is test-marketing. It’s a vegan blend of herbs, spices and tofu from Oakland’s Hoda Tofu that’s almost as satisfying as carnitas. Okay, its not at all as satisfying, but it’s a deliciously healthy add-on.

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11 thoughts on “Secret Chipotle Menu?

  1. A soy product is a “healthy” option? I know many people that would disagree with that statement. You’re better off eating the pig.

    1. In what way is one ‘better off’? Nutrition (quality of protein or fat) environmental impact? Please reference a study, or at least be specific…if you just prefer carnitas, I understand.

      1. I am sure Heather would ban me if I attempted to post all reference material here. There has been numerous studies done showing that soy raises cancer risk, as well as studies that show the isoflavones in soy mimic estrogen. Tons of info out there……

  2. At least you were honest enough to admit it: that vegan thing is nowhere near as satisfying as carnitas.

  3. FYI – the quesorito has been around for a while. I’m a former employee and current customer. Some of the older stores down in So Cal may still offer it but the new ones up here in Nor Cal mostly do not. It never hurts to ask but prepare to be disappointed.

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