Sayonara secret sushi

Good things never last.
Takeshi Uchida, who’s been serving up reasonably priced takeout sushi every Monday, Wednesday and Friday out of Santa Rosa’s Oddfellow’s Hall is packing up his knives and moving on.
Since last spring, he’s been my secret sushi fix, hidden away in the industrial stainless steel kitchen every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. No lines. No annoying music. No waiters. Just amazing sushi. Probably the best in the area.
But as of next week, he tells me, he’ll be splitting his time between Rohnert Park’s Hana Japanese Restaurant (where he’s worked nights since January) and his boss’ new digs over in St. Helena–Go Fish. Arrrrgh.
Uchida says the combination of somewhat lackluster foot traffic (hey, this is the Oddfellows Hall) and his increasingly busy schedule between Hana and Go Fish has dictated the move. He’s considering re-opening in the spring, however.
You can wish him well through next Friday (10/20) at 545 Pacific Ave. from 11am to 1pm. After that, you and I will have to our sushi fix in public, like every body else.