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Sarah's Forestville Kitchen in Forestville is a casual breakfast and brunchery with locals dinners from Chef Gregory Hallihan


At the helm of Sarah’s Forestville Kitchen is Chef Greg Hallihan (formerly of Stella’s Cafe) — a breakfast/brunch/lunchery in the heart of Forestville.
Locals may remember it as the former Tin Pony, with a smashing outdoor courtyard just off the main drag and now-revamped indoor dining room. Here, Hallihan brings his solid kitchen skills to the table, pulling off a globe-trotting menu that ranges from fried chicken and grits to homemade corned beef to Thai curries.
This is a two-or-three visit spot, because there’s just so much that looks good. First-time picks include a memorable order of jalapeno cheese grits with shrimp, Sarah’s Ruben (made with the aforementioned corned beef), red curry and a Southern fried chicken sandwich. My dining pals, Evelyn and Jan both agreed that the grits were the standout of the day (and I concurred). Other BiteClubbers swear by breakfast, where yummies like a crispy Monte Cristo sandwich, biscuits and gravy, house scramble, and mixed veggie hash beckon. The cafe features a number of breads from nearby Nightingale Breads, the tiny bakery operated by former nurse Beth Thorp.
It’s a breakfast, brunch and lunch spot, with occasional winemaker or locals dinner, but you’ll need to call ahead or check out their website to find out when they’re open. Bring cash, because they don’t take checks or cards and reservations are only accepted by phone. 6566 Front Street, Forestville, 887-1055.


12 thoughts on “Sarah’s Forestville Kitchen | Forestville

  1. Stopped by for lunch after a morning on the coast and was looking for something filling and satisfying. Unfortunately I should have gone elsewere. Ordered the Ruben with fries and althought the corned beef had good flavor the sandwich was mostly sauerkraut. The fries were cooked to a pale blond color and were soft rather than nice and crispy. To top it off the house made ketchup was all tomato with no vinegary snap to it. As the restaurant was not even close to busy I would expect more, it’s almost as if they were going thru the motions so we’d eat and leave. Not sure if I’ll bother giving them a second chance.

  2. I have lived in Forestville for the last 6 years. My wife and I have gotten used to going into Windsor to get breakfast, but not anymore! This place is great and just around the corner, we will quickly become regulars. The patio is incredible, we have not made it inside yet.. but the rain will be here soon enough.

  3. I am happy to see Hallahan back in the kitchen. I was a big fan of the original Stella’s and this place sounds great. Now, downtown Forestville can challenge Graton for the best single street foodie town.
    Aioli is lovely -carry out -eat in -cater -whatever. Mosaic is open for lunch, the new bakery is wonderful even the taqueria and Carr’s drive-in add a little something.
    So who is Sarah or is there something else about Hallahan’s hiatus that isn’t being revealed?

  4. I am a local Forestvillian and went to Sarah’s on 7/10 for lunch. I arrived at 2:00pm alone. There was a man and a little girl in front of me. I heard the waitress say to them “I couldn’t turn away a little girl.” Then she said to me “Sorry, we’re closed.” She then led them off to a table.
    If I ever return I will have a child in tow.

  5. I’ve been here a few times, the food is always delicious. However, they have too many tables and not enough cooking space. If you come for brunch on Saturday or Sunday, be prepared to wait, at a minimum, 30 minutes for your food to arrive.

  6. Anticipating the upcoming dinner menu at Sarah’s, as the breakfast and lunch is superb.
    And thanks Heather for reviewing this place.

  7. I have also been to Sarah’s multiple times. Nothing bad to say. I just went there on thursday when these pictures were taken. Oh wait, that’s me in the pictures! Great food, great service. Everything that i had was great.

  8. Sitting on the patio at Sarah’s on a summer morning, enjoying great service and great food. That’s my idea of a great way to spend some time. I can’t wait for dinner at Sarah’s, but for the time being, put a plate of Greg’s gumbo in front of me and watch me smile! Or the eggs benedict, or the scramble, or the burger… You can’t go wrong!
    I drive 20 miles for the experience… and it’s well worth it!

  9. It takes something special to get me to eat out these days and Sarah’s has done it! I love the courtyard with the shade and flowers. I’ve had both lunch and breakfast and was impressed by both, they serve local bread from across the street at Nightingale’s. A great addition to Forestville!

  10. I have eaten at Sarah’s multiple times and always had a good meal. The atmosphere is great, especially the patio. Can’t wait for dinner! I recommend the burger and the shrimp and grits are right on. Thanks Greg for bringing your expertise to Forestville.

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