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Santa Rosa’s Wednesday Night Market Food Report

Santa Rosa's Wednesday night market opens for the 2016 with some strong food vendor contenders. Stay tuned for more.

S'Wine Country BBQ's Pigpen sandwich at Santa Rosa's Wednesday night market (heather irwin)
S’Wine Country BBQ’s Pigpen sandwich at Santa Rosa’s Wednesday night market (heather irwin)

We lost that loving feeling for Santa Rosa’s Wednesday Night Market for a couple years after what felt like a lot of same old same old from the food vendors.

It’s time for a makeup to that breakup.

Pacheco's Roasted Corn at Santa Rosa's Wednesday Night Market (heather irwin)
Pacheco’s Roasted Corn at Santa Rosa’s Wednesday Night Market (heather irwin)

The market opened a couple weeks ago for the season, and we’re excited to see some new faces, and even more excited to find a reason to eat our way through the nearly 50 food stalls and trucks. A quick first pass turned up some awesome finds: Anello Family Crab and Seafood are serving salmon and crab from their boat; Haute Gypsy with arepas, cubanos and a pork belly BLT, Gerard’s Paella and Adobos n’More who are serving authentic Filipino chicken adobo, lumpia and rice.

Though they’re not new to the market, S’Wine Country BBQ killed it with their Pig Pen ($8), a gut-busting sausage topped with pulled pork, mango cole slaw and fried onions. Their beans are better than my mom’s (sorry mom) with sweet and heat, and the mango jalapeno slaw is also a stunner. We waited patiently in the mile-long line for Pacheco’s Roasted Corn, slathered with mayo, cojeta cheese and chili powder. If you haven’t tried this Mexican street food, make a bee line, because you’re going to become a fan.

This is a perfect piece of roasted corn with all the toppings from a recent trip to SF's Gott's Roadside (heather irwin)
This is a perfect piece of roasted corn with all the toppings from a recent trip to SF’s Gott’s Roadside (heather irwin)

Biteclub’s ready for a second date, Wednesday night…

The market runs each Wednesday evening from 5-8:30p.m. through Aug. 17,

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2 thoughts on “Santa Rosa’s Wednesday Night Market Food Report

  1. It’s an easy stroll from my office to grab a togo meal from the market while working late.

    Last week I got the Filipino chicken adobo with lumpia and rice.
    The lumpia were good,
    the rice was so so (because I walked around with it for ten minutes, letting it cool)…
    the chicken was really, really good. Wholly smokes. I’m going back.

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