Santa Rosa Seafood Raw Bar and Grill Opening?

There's action in Santa Rosa after plenty of waiting

Santa Rosa Seafood Raw Bar and Grill

UPDATE: Santa Rosa Seafood Raw Bar and Grill is OPEN. See review and pix here

UPDATE: 7/23
There’s already been a chef shuffle, but owners say that they’re hoping to open in about three weeks.

Santa Rosa Seafood Raw Bar and Grill may be opening soon!
Santa Rosa Seafood Raw Bar and Grill may be opening soon!

The tables have been set for what seems like years at the Santa Rosa Seafood Raw Bar and Grill (946 Santa Rosa Ave., Santa Rosa), but nothing much was happening. Biteclub hears that’s about to change. A chef has been hired and the wheels are once again turning.

More details soon.


6 thoughts on “Santa Rosa Seafood Raw Bar and Grill Opening?

  1. Heather–
    I am surprised there was no mention in your review of the Oyster Po’ Boy sandwich at the SR Seafood Grill. Perfectly done with excellent fries. Might be better than Parish’s. Worth the price of admission. Mike and his family set and maintain the highest standards for their products. Hope this place is a tremendous success.

  2. Hey All!

    We are set to open within the next week. The best place to stay updated is on our Facebook page!

    As far as the parking situation is concerned, we are working on addressing some more convenient options nearby. Currently, the safest lot is our shared lot on the corner of Santa Rosa Avenue and Petaluma Hill Road. We. do share it with the market next door.

    We look forward to bringing exceptionally prepared seafood to you!

    Stay Tuned!

  3. I agree with ZDG and Bob. IMHO In this county, hamburgers and pizzas rule, with Mexican food and expensive Calif Fusion and Farm-To-Table right behind. Then there are the delusional people who think that SR is on a par with Healdsburg or Sonoma in the charm department…

    One of our favorite seafood restaurants is the Fish Market, the closest being in San Mateo. It’s an awesome place that one would think do well up here, affordable varied and delicious– we had asked a manager if they would consider Santa Rosa as a future location, which they had already done, but the landlords they inquired of were in gouging mode, and the Fish Market backed off due to lack of enthusiasm here.

    We get what we deserve, which is largely marginal chain restaurants. We just can’t support anything decent here!

  4. I’m with Bob Dreyer. I find it impossible to believe a town this close to world class seafood has not one dedicated seafood restaurant, crabshack, or raw bar. We should have dozens. What gives?

  5. I too am waiting but am afraid I will never be able to find parking. Can that be fixed? It is also so dangerous to get out of the parking lot if you do find a space.

  6. Been waiting. Have purchased seafood at their store and have always had good experiences. Am still amazed that Santa Rosa doesn’t have a raw bar or a specialty seafood restaurant. Here in crab country no less.

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