Rumba Cuban Cafe Coming

Rumba Cuban Cafe coming to Windsor this winter, featuring Cuban sandwiches, baked goods and coffee

The Cuban cortadito is a sweetened espresso-like coffee drink. Just ask the Kardashians.
The Cuban cortadito is a sweetened espresso-like coffee drink. Just ask the Kardashians.
The Cuban cortadito is a sweetened espresso-like coffee drink. Just ask the Kardashians.

Biteclub’s already jonesing for a Cuban cortadito (a sweet espresso drink with milk) from the yet-to-open Rumba Cuban Cafe in Windsor. “Yeah, pretty much anyone who’s seen the Kardashians knows what a cortadito is,” said Elizabeth Torno, who with her husband Isaac plans to open an authentic Cuban cafe at 8750 Redwood Highway in the coming weeks.

Along with Cuban coffee drinks, they’ll be serving up a variety of sandwiches including a the Frita Cubana (a chorizo and beef hamburger), and the classic Cubano on freshly baked bread.

“A Cuban sandwich without Cuban bread just isn’t the same, said Elizabeth. Inspired by years of family recipes, the couple also plan heartier daily specials with classic beans and rice and tostones served with richly marinated beef, pork and chicken.

A close cousin to Puerto Rican and Dominican cuisine, Cuban food is a mixture of Spanish, African and indigenous ingredients based around beans, rice and marinated meats.

“All of our friends are hooked on the food we’ve been making for years,” said Elizabeth.

Just don’t ask for the Tabasco sauce with your Cubano. “Cubans don’t enjoy spicy food at all. We’re all about spices,” said Torno. “My grandmother would absolutely walk away from a jalapeno.”

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11 thoughts on “Rumba Cuban Cafe Coming

  1. A friend and I went there the other day. It was nice. She had the Little Havana and I had the burger. Some suggestions though. Redo the menu with descriptions of the items that most people don’t know what they are. The atmosphere was a little cold. Maybe add some decorations or fabric to soften the interior. Mainly pork. A grilled chicken sandwich would be good. Very nice young man who waited on us. Will go again.

    1. Jorge, chill. You’re linking to a place in Florida. Three THOUSAND miles away. Are you seriously worried about competition? Do you really believe someone searching on the internet for cuban food in Naples, FL will say, “Hey, this place in Windsor, CA looks good. Let’s go for lunch.” ? Oy.

      1. Jorge, you’re an idiot… haha

        Seriously, Alexa is absolutely correct. If you are worried about competition from a place on the other side of the USA, you got some issues and your business probably sucks.

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