Rosso expanding to Petaluma?

Acclaimed pizzeria looking to grow two ways

Big news: Santa Rosa’s beloved Rosso Pizzeria and Wine Bar is hoping to expand to a second location in Petaluma. Co-owner and partner Kevin Cronin confirms that they’re eager to find a new audience and that he’s “talking to people” in Petaluma.
But that’s not all. Cronin said he’s also looking at spaces for a raw bar and grill in Santa Rosa that would be dedicated to sustainable seafood in Santa Rosa. “Think Swan Oyster Depot meets Sam’s,” he said. The concept would be casual and neighborhoody, he said, while serious about good seafood.
So far, nothing’s been inked, but Cronin’s optimistic about finding just the right space for Rosso’s expanding empire.


13 thoughts on “Rosso expanding to Petaluma?

  1. Really enjoy the food at Rosso in SR, but feels like their front of the house management is getting a little lazy…hosting/seating program random at best, once upon a time efficient and friendly service now sometimes sloppy and often slow. Other places with good pizza in SR nipping at your heels Rosso, might want to tighten things up a bit.

  2. another restaurant in petaluma! this town has enough already and more pizza. even if it is good, no thank you!

  3. LOVE IT !!! Rosso’s is the best and we have been going to the Pizza Bar since day one !!! I would love to see them in Petaluma. Seafood sounds great too, I am sure that with John’s food talent it will be wonderful. Keep us posted, will be there to enjoy the great food !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and support the new ventures !

  4. Seafood or raw/grill bar would be great, but PLEASE try to keep the 24 hour soccer show thing out of the picture. Not everyone loves soccer like you Kevin, and it gets old. Some good local music, or smooth jazz on a good system would be a delightful change. Thank-you for your consideration.

  5. Yes please – either pizza or raw bar/grill!!! (I agree with John that we do have good pizza options here) Eastside would be great!

  6. I love Rosso, although we do have quite a few great pizza places in Petaluma. How about bringing the raw bar and grill here instead?

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