Restaurant Secrets: Your say

waiter.jpgOkay, so here’s a shout out to the community…

What are secrets from inside the kitchens of Wine Country restaurants you’d
love to know?

– Wondering what happens to that uneaten bread you left
– How much to tip? Is 18% appropriate? And who gets those tips anyway?
– How to get the best service?
– How do restaurants decide what to charge for corkage? And why do they charge at all?
– What’s with the butcher paper thing?
– What is the best day to order seafood?
– What’s the best way to eat alone?
– How can I get the best thing on the menu?
– What the heck is mis en place?

Let me know what you’re clamoring to have uncovered.

{NOTE: This is not a space to air your dirty laundry or just be belligerent. I will delete posts that are off-topic, don’t contribute to the spirit of this post or are just plain ignorant. }