Rendez Vous Buzz

Downtown restaurant continues to reinvent itself

Since writing about the changes at Rendez Vous Bistro in Santa Rosa a few weeks back, it’s come to BiteClub’s attention that there are, well, continuing changes afoot.

After hearing considerable chatter in the food community about staff changes at the restaurant, BiteClub contacted owner Nino Rabbaa who said, “We are changing up the management team to make things more consistent at the restaurant.”

That includes a chef change. Current Chef de Cuisine Matthew Karson has announced his exit, but is remaining to help with the transition. Rabbaa said he is already in discussions with another local chef and Karson is leaving on good terms — at least from his perspective. Several other staff have also made recent exits.

The changes also include a likely closure of the restaurant this summer to “remodel the restaurant for a better flow,” said Rabbaa. “There are physical problems with the floorplan and we’re remodeling,” he added. Rabbaa plans for the closure to be about seven days. “We cannot afford to close longer.” He hopes to create a to-go window for sandwiches and change the front bar area of the restaurant into more of a lounge atmosphere.

That leaves the question of Flipside, Rabbaa’s forthcoming haute burgery which was slated to open this summer. Rabbaa said the restaurant is still in development but may be pushed back slightly. “We want to get things right,” he said.