Ravenswood Winery Tattoo Coming Out Party

July 14

A little body ink for a lifetime of free wine?* Seems like a fair trade to the folks at Ravenswood Winery. They’ll host their annual Tattoo Coming Out Party at the Sonoma winery from 122-4:30pm July 14 to see who’s taken the challenge of tattooing the company logo– the David Lance Goines circle of ravens–on their bods. And trust us, its a growing legion. Not up for the lifetime commitment? Airbrush artists will give you a temp version while you snap your fingers to grape-inspired poetry and sip zinfandel. Smooth.

Fourth Annual Tattoo Coming Out Party and Poetry Slam: July 14, 2012, 12-4:30pm, $15/$10 Club Members. 18701 Gehricke Road, Sonoma, 888-669-4679.

*Of course, there’s a catch to free wine for a lifetime. It’s available only in the tasting room, in person. Full details on the website, but seriously…I’d ask for all the fine print before getting a tattoo.