Otter Cafe Coming to Spring Lake Lagoon

Favorite summer waterpark will finally have something to eat

Annadel State Park supporters attend a benefit breakfast at the new Lakeside Grill by the Spring Lake Regional Park swimming lagoon in Santa Rosa, on Sunday, July 1, 2012. (BETH SCHLANKER/ The Press Democrat)

Summer came to Spring Lake swimming lagoon weeks ago, as kids and parents flocked to the new play area to beat the unseasonal heat. But if you wanted a cool drink or a hot dog at the nearby concession stand, no luck.

Since restaurateur Nino Rabbaa closed his Spring Lake Grill last year, the walk-up cafe and patio has been tightly shuttered—which wasn’t a real problem until the water park reopened in late May. Folks have been asking Biteclub continuously if there would be a new restaurant in the space for 2017, and the answer, finally, is yes.

A Walnut Creek company, Sycamore Concessions Corporation, has been awarded the regional parks contract to operate the eatery. The business operates food concessions at a number of Northern California parks. Officials for Sonoma County Regional Parks say Sycamore’s was the only proposal submitted.

A sample menu shows a very kid-friendly and economical lineup of sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, simple salads, fries, fruit and veggie snacks (oh, we like the strawberry shortcake kabobs), ice cream, yogurt parfaits, and smoothies. Farm-to-table fare it is not, but at a water park do you really want $12 avocado toast and oysters with mignonette for the kiddos?

Opening dates are still in flux, waiting for health permits from the county, but should be soon.


17 thoughts on “Otter Cafe Coming to Spring Lake Lagoon

  1. The food is not the greatest women with brown hair doesn’t use gloves and quite rude

  2. I can’t believe this place still isn’t open! They have missed the whole season! Is this due to county permitting red tape?

  3. I don’t understand why places can’t come p with better food options for children. The same old hamburger, chicken strips, hot dog fare? Gross and not healthy. Why not sandwiches or veggie wraps? Even burritos or pasta salads? Fruit kabob sounded good until they had to add pound cake to it ?

  4. I don’t know, there are a ton of high quality food trucks in the area, why can’t there be a rotation of five or six to park in that small front lot where all the handicap parking is and offer some decent food, beer and wine?
    Can’t stand corporate garbage like hot dogs and highly processed fried junk. I will not pay $40 to feed my family that crap but I would if Tips Tri Tip truck was there or some awesome street tacos from El Roys, Shoubu Japanese Food truck or even Indian curry, somosa and naan flat bread. All local Sonoma County small businesses. It’s not that difficult.

    1. I totally agree with the food truck idea. We were just saying this the other day.

    2. Totally agree south everyone! That does not sound good to me at all…And why not keep it someone local why crapola from Novato? And i do prefer to give my kids avocado toast and last time i had some at Brew down town Santa Rosa it was not $12. The beer and wine and gourmet pizza and oysters were a nice though before. I hated the old concessions of long ago. This sounds so boring! ?

  5. Maybe you’re just trying to be “cheeky” but equating farm-to-table with avocado toasts and oysters?That doesn’t even make that much sense and is really is quite disappointing for a food-centric blog!

    Farm to table stands for locally sourced foods from regional farmers who manage their farm operations with a focus on wholesome nutritious food vs. frozen hot dogs and hamburger patties. It sure would be nice to see the State Parks make an effort to provide better food options that also benefit the local community/economy vs. a corporate out of County concession company and some big box stores that will likely supply most of what they’ll be throwing on that grill.

  6. With all the foodie talent in Sonoma County, some corporate concession company? Ugh.

    1. How do they expect the parents to stay sane without beer and wine when all the hyperactive children are running around foaming at the mouth?

    2. The only way I could tolerate taking my 6 children here was because of the alcoholic beverages offered at the Lakeside Grill #BOYCOTTOTTERCAFE

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