Oh Snap

Guerneville restaurant Revival gets the shutter before Bauer can publish a review

Interior of Revival Restaurant in Guerneville. Photo Kelly Puleio
Interior of Revival Restaurant in Guerneville. Photo Kelly Puleio

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  1. Wow!!! The negativity is abundant! People lost their jobs! How about a little empathy here? Must feel good up there on your high horses.

  2. I eat out frequently at establishments in their price range. That this endeavor failed is not a surprise to me — given the following elements of my experience there: too dark to see the menu (I had to hand hold a candle to it to see), the menu offered only one item in each main dish category (seafood, beef, vegetarian, chicken) and they refused to eliminate an ingredient (to accommodate allergies) or to allow a side substitution, acoustics were so poor that I just gave up on speaking to my companion across the table and could hardly hear the person next to me over the din of other voices in the room, delivery of drinks was erratic (one was overlooked completely for 15 minutes) and the wait person had a general unfriendly attitude. If we had not been there with 3 other people, my companion and I would have left after 10 minutes of the pre-dining experience, but others were looking forward to trying it, so we stayed. Since there were no entrees that pleased me I tried piecing together a meal from starters and end up with ‘cod cheeks, which looked quite striking (basically an opened up fish head) but — being primarily bone and fins — left much to be desired (that mainly being something edible, to be exact). Not sorry to see this go.

  3. What the hell is wrong with matching outfits!!!? I like matching outfits! And also some yuppies are okay because they are just people and sometimes they even have acceptable tastes in music. Also STOP YELLING. Jesus, people just lost their jobs AGAIN. Sigh. Cursed spot. Or it just isn’t run by someone in it for the long haul? A location like that should be a lifetime pursuit don’t you think?

  4. It seems like all the class invective is misplaced here as it seems like a question of basic economics. That the predecessor entity, cast in a similar high caste vein, also failed in short order is instructive. Sure tourism is good for business, but not all-or even most-tourists are Silicon Valley yuppies who can afford such high priced fare. And to give the critics here their due, is this pretentious noveau bourgois stuff an authentic expression of Guerneville’s culture? And does gay necessarily equal gentrified? Talk about a stereotype! No, the ‘build it and they will come’ perspective will not work in a location so remote from the big money needed to sustain it. A more moderately priced establishment in a less pretentious atmosphere, however, will have better prospects of attracting customers from a local base in greater Santa Rosa.

  5. Lisa & “Panther”,
    There are more value priced food options in Guerneville than restaurants offering a higher quality dining experience. Safeway deli, Subway, Taco Truck, Three Alarm Grill, Pats Diner, Juicy Pig, River Inn Diner, Stumptown, Garden Grill, Roadhouse. I have eaten at all of them and will again. The restaurants you called “Prententious & Hifalutin” are neither. Just a dining experience of a different nature. To think that a variety of dining options is bad for our town makes no sense. The whole Russian River area has been a resort (tourist destination) area for more than a hundred years. Reviving that spirit during the past 8 years brought a (dare I say it) boon to Guerneville. As a local I am saddened that Revival will not be open during the winter months as it is cold standing in line at the Taco Truck. While you are certainly entitled to your opinion it does not mean you are right. Quite the contrary.

  6. I agree with Panther. All these pretenscious restaurant reviews. It looks like Guerneville has one conglomerate company taking over the restaurant business in Guerneville, with high fluten prices that only tourists can pay. Time to take our town back and give us businesses that we can aford to eat at. Trout enhanced with wildwood seaweed with ruggata and buerre blanc indeed, give us a break!

  7. It’s idiots like you who don’t speak for the many who support farming and creat cuisine wherever we find it. Doubt you have any idea of the work it takes to get 3 stars. We don’t all eat tacos or quinoa for every meal.

  8. Look at our predictions in earlier comments giving Revival a year tops. Guerneville doesn’t want, need or desire these out of context tourist traps. With the demise of Applewood one trap is down. When Boon Hotel + Spa, Big Bottom Market, Boon Eat + Drink and El Barrio also go out of business we can all have our River town back!

    1. Mr. “Panther”??? Is that your name?

      As a Guerneville local and a business owner, you do NOT speak for the town of Guerneville. I have witnessed first hand how much commerce, community, and job growth Ms. Luedtke and her team have brought to this community. Each and every one her establishments has brought employment to our thriving community. As well as bringing in SO much positive tourism. I fail to see how you could complain. Also, I’m so sorry to see that you feel “getting our river back” means her going out of business.

      Good day sir.
      Heidi Schulte

      1. Ms Luedtke bringing a dozen or so low pay subsistence level jobs does not by any means negate the negative ramifications of her one person gentrification blitz. 98% of us in Guerneville do NOT make money off tourism. Why should we suffer for her economic gain? We shouldn’t and this one percenters restaurant closing will help in that regard. Tourism is a nasty infection clogging our streets with whiny Yuppies with matching outfits and crappy city attitudes.

    2. “our” river town back eh? And what, pray tell, is that? Tourist traps eh? Those evil tourists that bring millions to a town that would otherwise be the realm of tweakers and junkies? The high unemployment and general run down and hopeless reality of years ago?

      And let’s cut through your bs. Let me guess- your issue is the fact that those tourists are “gay”. And you’re yet another of americas finest crawling out from under their rock since Trump “won”.

      Well, many of us here know that the gay community has raised Guerneville from a creepy, dirty ******* to a somewhat respectful town. Many of us can’t afford to eat at the restaurants you mentioned off- but we are sure glad they are here for those occasions we do, and that we dont have to travel to Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, or farther.

      And many of us- especiallyv us business owners- realize that both the tourists and the gay community tourists provide the financial backbone that let us live our lives. And give us some of the best roads in the county. Even more benefits to come since the tax on tourism measure passed.

      1. “And give us some of the best roads in the county”? Really? And what kind of benchmark is that anyway?

      2. “The gay community has raised Guerneville from a creepy, dirty ******* to a somewhat respectful town.” Ummm, if this is your opinion of Guerneville please go away now! This is the kind of vitriol us locals have come to expect from the new neo-liberal “Gentry” here in Guerneville. F. Y.I. I am Gay and a resident here for 30 years. I have NEVER voted Republican in my life. So much for your ignorant Trump allegations.
        As for bring “millions” to our town, your assessment is pure hyperbole and furthermore true or not, these tourists do not enhance the lives of 95% of us full time residents here, in fact they detract from our quality of life to benefit a few whose mothers are rich enough bankroll their self serving, tourist trapping shtick.
        The hopeless reality you mention was NEVER an issue here. In fact it has been peaceful and bucolic town compared the phony standards hyped up by the perpetual P.R. machine Boon and Co. have promulgated.
        B.T.W. if you haven’t notice the majority of “tourist taxes” collected do NOT make it back to our community but are used to push tourism in other wealthier parts of the County.
        Oh yeah fill us all in on those “best roads in the County” claptrap, a false canard if I’ve ever heard one.

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