Nonni’s to open, Betty’s expanding

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Betty’s Expanding
Betty’s Fish & Chips will be expanding its bakery and pie-making operation in the coming months. Pies at a fish ‘n chips place? Insiders know that owner Susan Corso’s homemade lemon chiffon, apple raspberry, and blueberry (to name a few) are some of the best in the county — made fresh each day. Corso and crew currently make about 400 pies each week at the back of the restaurant, but they’re taking over a portion of the computer store next door to create a bakery and espresso shop to showcase their goodies. 4046 Sonoma Hwy., Santa Rosa, 539-0899.

Saigon Bistro has closed its doors at 420 Mendocino Ave, the fourth restaurant to go under at that location (Tahini Grill, Nirvana, Vivere preceeded the Vietnamese restaurant). The owners plan to continue a catering biz. But hope springs eternal. A hand-lettered sign has already gone up announcing Nonni’s Ristorante, to open in May.

Free house!
Medlock Ames Winery has a little problem on their hands –an early 1900’s home that needs to be removed/recycled pronto. The eco-friendly winemaking crew, who purchased the old Alexander Valley Store and Bar last month, also found themselves with a recently renovated home on the property that (“for a variety of reasons”) has to go. But they’re loathe to see it go to waste as they renovate the old store into a farmstore and tasting room set to open in August. Mostly they’re just hoping someone comes up with a way to move it  intact. Got an idea? Contact

Food for the soul
Need an infusion of soul food without the wait? Red Rose Cafe is serving up a soul food buffet on weekdays with bbq, greens, mashed potatoes and more.1770 Piner Rd, Santa Rosa.


18 thoughts on “Nonni’s to open, Betty’s expanding

  1. Blah. Deleted a bunch of comments. As I’ve said before, most of us are smart enough to smell the fake stuff. Wait until the restaurant opens and we’ll see how the food is…that’s my stance.
    Spend your energy on something more productive than yelling at each other, me or a restaurant that has yet to open.

  2. The yups drove us out of Sonoma County. Bettys leaving Kenwood was the beginning of the end.

  3. Betty’s Fish and Chips and Nonnis is only taking a small part of the computer store next door. Computers and More, the computer store is not former and is extremely busy fixing, selling computers.

  4. Wow, if you’re gonna post fake comments about a “restaurant” that hasn’t even opened tone it down a bit and maybe some idiots will believe you. Comments like “…and they plan on providing great customer service…” are a joke. What new restaurant doesn’t? Do they plan on providing clean dishes and fresh water too?

  5. The Rose cafe is not a very good example of Soul Food…Dried out fried chicken , hideous atmosphere, and basically No soul at all. Sad, truly sad. Anybody can open a restaurant.

  6. LoCoco’s use to be my favorite. They have really gone down in quality of food and customer service. It disappoints me that a place so genuine has now become just an ordinary restaurant. The port they serve at the end doesn’t do it for me anymore. The waiters can be very rude, and I am sure others would agree the service also very slow.

  7. Why would you be mean and say the post are weak. People are excited Mendocino Ave is coming along. We now have Stir’s which is a great lounge with very good drinks, Coming soon the Puerto Rican Restaurant and now an authentic Italian Restaurant. This is definitely exciting considering the climate of the economy. When I hear reasonable pricing, that makes me instantly want to support a small business owner. Give me a break I just don’t agree that you are being fair.
    I think being positive, and showing excitement will just want the owners of the company to deliver satisfaction.It is exciting! and I am really looking forward to it.

  8. Note to restaurant owners: Make sure you have at least a year or two of expenses in the bank, so you don’t have to close after two months! It takes time to get established and profitable! It’s common sense!

  9. How in the WORLD can you recommend the Red Rose Cafe? I had the WORST!!!! ribs in there ever. I thought it was a joke when the plate arrived and on it were 3 grizzly, meat-deprived bones that looked like the owner’s dog had chewed on them before I got to them only that can’t be true because if the dog had seen them, he would have turned his nose up at them. Honestly, I was in shock at the sight (and unfortnately, the taste) of them!

  10. Lo CoCo’s is excellent Italian food near downtown – you all talk like there are NO Italian options in the area.
    Red Rose Cafe’ also really needs to learn to update their buffet more than every few hours also .. each time I’ve gone and looked at the buffet line I ended up ordering off of the menu bceause it looked disgusting!

  11. Those Nonni posts are pretty weak. Reminds me of all the fake posts regarding the Puerto Rican restaurant a week or so ago.
    Let’s at least wait until it opens before singing its praises. sheesh.

  12. 6 comments in a row all STOKED ON NONNI’S? Yeah. Thanks. That’s a little much. I’m not buying it. NO ONE is talking about this place, and no one will remember it in six months when it’s gone.

  13. This is great news! I heard from a friend of the family, that they are true Italians cooking true Italian food….I will be there on Opening Day!

  14. Was walking downtown and saw the sign for Nonni’s Ristorante Italiano opening in May. I can’t wait to finally have good Italian restaurant in my neighborhood!


  16. Word is that Nonni’s will be providing authentic Italian food at reasonable prices. They also plan to provide excellent customer service. Can’t wait to try this place!!!!!!!!!

  17. Walked by and saw the signs. It’s going to be a restaurant not a cafe. The sign says Noni’s Ristorante Italiano. Looking forward to a great italian food. We need a good italian restaurant downtown. Yippie!!

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