Taste of Havana?

BiteClub was recently tipped off that a Cuban restaurant is in the works in Sebastopol. Details are still sketchy, but word is that the spot will open sometime in October. I’m already getting itchy for a pressed sandwich. Stay tuned.

707’s Randy Lewis returns(ish)
It’s an understatement to say that Santa Rosa never quite embraced the forward-thinking (and admittedly often pricey) ideas of Chef Randy Lewis. As chef and co-owner of Popina and 707, this former “Best Chef of 2001” and K-J culinary wunderkind tried and failed, then tried and failed again to make a go of it in Sonoma County. Lewis has had the last laugh, winning three stars for his cuisine at SF’s Mecca restaurant and now turning his sights on Mendocino. Lewis will be consulting chef at the secluded Stevenswood Spa Resort (see a dinner menu), which has long had a reputation for top-notch dining. Lewis is also reportedly working on several other dining projects, ahem, none of which are around here. Yeah.

The Cheesemaker’s Daughter, the Sonoma cheese shop owned by Ditty Vella has closed, as has Zare Restaurant, a high-profile Mediterranean eatery in Napa.

Daily grind
I’m obsessed with peppermills. Yeah, it’s crazy, but addictive…
– First I wanted one of Pinky Martin’s. (Cha right).
-Then I was content with 19-layers of exotic hardwood. (Hint, my birthday is coming up.)
– Then I got really stoked about Vic Firth’s Mario Batali signature mill. Hey, it’s orange.
– This weekend, however, I found the ultimate. A little Pylones babushka peppermill (see right). Worth every cent of $40. They also have little wind-up birds that roll across the table, delivering salt and pepper. Awwwww. You can find many of the Pylones kitchen cuties at The Kitchen Gallery in Lakeport (707.262.0422) or through Pylones-usa.