News & Gossip: GG’s, Corks, Fro Yo & “Vegilantes”

Closures, chef shuffle, olive oil on frozen yogurt and Petaluma's Vegilantes

dish.jpgGG’s: Closed?
Though there’s still no confirmation from owners on the fate of GG’s Earth and Surf, things are looking bleak. The restaurant’s furniture and interior fixtures have begun to be moved into a temporary storage system set up in a parking spot in front of the Third Street eatery. BiteClubbers reported seeing the restaurant furniture stacked and moved out yesterday, and it appears to be continuing today.  Currently, not accepting reservations for the restaurant and a voicemail says that the restaurant still remains “temporarily closed.” Last week BiteClub reported that the restaurant had gone dark with an enigmatic sign saying “Closed due to Technical Difficulties”.

Olive Oil with your FroYo?

If there’s anything from the 80’s that we’re glad to see make a triumphant return, it’s frozen yogurt. Not that it ever really went away, but the low-fat treat is getting a very 2009 facelift with the addition of savory toppings — like the sea salt and olive oil drizzle BiteClub recently saw at Healdsburg’s Snow Bunny Yogurt ( 312 Center St., Healdsburg, (707) 431-7669). Move over gummy bears.

Calling all “Vegilantes”
Bounty Hunters in Petaluma want you to join their Food Posse. Volunteers for the program help round up surplus fruits and vegetables from backyard gardens, orchards and farms for local food programs.  Collecting unwanted produce that would otherwise go to waste is called “gleaning” and is becoming an increasingly popular movement around the country. Want to learn more? Meet the Glean Team at the Petaluma Library, June 17 and 7pm. And stay tuned for more details on local foragers in BiteClub.

Corks Chef Departs
Chef Greg Hallihan, formerly of Elmo’s and Stella’s, has parted ways from his recent gig at Corks Restaurant at Russian River Vineyards. Owners say they’ll continue on, at this point, without an executive chef, using the same folks who’ve been working in the kitchen. With the departure, though, the restaurant will adjust its Thursday through Sunday “fine dining” menu to focus more on pairing wines from their vineyards — including new Sauvignon Blanc and Gewurztraminer being released this month. The restaurant, co-owned by Pasta King Art Ibleto, features pasta and sauces on Monday; bbq babyback ribs, chicken and oysters on Wednesday and will begin Sunday brunch this week from 11am to 3pm. 5700 Gravenstein Hwy N, Forestville, (707) 887-3344.

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13 thoughts on “News & Gossip: GG’s, Corks, Fro Yo & “Vegilantes”

  1. Your article very interesting, I have introduced a lot of friends look at this article, the content of the articles there will be a lot of attractive people
    to appreciate, I have to thank you such an article.

  2. Sounds like you have an ax to grind that has nothing to do with the food or the wine at Russian River Vineyards. First off the Pasta King’s food has been extremely popular for the past 30 years or so, also I am not sure what is weird about chicken, ribs and corn. While anyone is entitled to their opinion on whether they like a particular wine or not I do not believe insulting comments are appropriate. The staff at Russian River Vineyards and Corks restaurant is striving to provide a quality experience for everyone and will continue to do so to the best of our ability and we welcome any constructive criticism.

  3. Had the SnoBunny fro yo with sea salt and olive oil. YUM!! I am totally making that at home. The salt was a nice quality sea salt, the oil with nice green tones. Excellent! Rachel in Healdsburg

  4. Good idea, tell the truth, more credability that way
    While they are moving, perhaps a name change? GG’s – Does that name make you want to check it out? hum, no. Sorry, just tellin’ the truth.

  5. It would seem to me that if GG’s was moving. It might be a better idea to put a sign up that stated “Closed due to moving” and not “Closed due to Technical Difficulties”. Just a thought.

  6. I was outside of G&G yesterday and they were loading all the chairs and equipment into a POD. I guess it is so…they are gone.

  7. has the glean team arranged for agricultural inspections? otherwise, it may be illegal to move produce outside the zone.

  8. I wandered by GG’s this afternoon and asked one of the employees what was up. I was told that they are definitely moving — the reason was more ambiguous but it sounds like there might be problems with the landlord. I was also told that they hope to score a spot in Montgomery Village.
    It’s sad to see a good place leave downtown. Especially considering that GG’s was the first successful business to occupy that location in years!

  9. Regarding wild foxx…don’t go there. My husband and I went there on saturday. They did not change much from the bakers square, maybe took out chairs. To start with, three couples walked in after us before anyone even took notice of us….and that was after 4 waitresses walked right past us without a word. The menu is the same as bakers square. The food was edible, but nothing that I would eat again. I’d give it a C-. Very greasy, nothing very good.

  10. I used to work there, and Hallihan is umm… not someone who can be worked with… he has many personal issues that a lot of chefs seem to have. He won’t be missed by anyone who had to work with him.

  11. Without Hallihan the food at Bork’s is corked
    The Pasta buffet is terrible and the bbq is weird. Bet Hallihan is sorry he gave up the Elmo’s spot to Henweigh
    The new owners are well meaning but don’t seem to have a clue
    And the wines? Not so much. Considering Anthony Austin is their consulting wine maker the new offerings including a rose and a cut rate sparkler are not good at all. Maybe Austin has left too. They also have a new cabernet named after a fire engine they should use for putting out fires.

  12. Sorry to ask again- but anyone try the new Wild Foxx on Farmer’s? Surely SOMEONE has tried it and lived to tell the tale. How is it?

  13. Isn’t this where someone tosses in the obligitory “stop spreading rumors” line?
    They aren’t closing… they are umm…. restyling!
    If you lock the doors a week after talking about “new investors”, you are toast. If you need investors period, your halflife is about 7 months tops.

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