New Sonoma County Food Truck: Croques and Toques

New Sonoma County Food Truck Alert: We’re loving the croquette-concept from Croques and Toques.

Holiday croquettes from Croques and Toques, a new food truck in Sonoma County

Here’s how to get all the flavors of the holiday into one bite: A roasted turkey, gravy, cranberry and mashed potato croquette! If you’ve never had the pleasure of stuffing one of these little fried balls of happiness into your craw, croquettes are crunchy, golfball-sized bites that can be filled with pretty much anything from meat to sweets.

Sweet Croquettes from Croques and Toques, a new food truck in Sonoma County. Photo: Heather Irwin.

SRJC cooking school alum and chef Andrew Jetson is bringing the croquette to the masses with his new food truck, Croques and Toques. His self-funded venture features these savory holiday feast croquettes ($9 for 5), along with the sweeter spiced sweet potato croquettes (cream cheese and sweet potato mousse, $8).

Noms Brussels sprouts from Croques and Toques in Sonoma County.

“They’re kind of a blank canvas,” said Jetson. Which makes sense considering that nearly every culture has some version, from Italy’s arancini to aloo tikka in India.

These tasty croques are super kid-friendly (just keep in mind the innards can be molten hot, so blow on them a little), and a new favorite at local farm markets around the county. Watch for the truck at the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building farm market on Saturdays from 8:30 a.m to 1 p.m., or follow the truck at

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