2 Tread Brewing Company coming to downtown Santa Rosa mall

2 Tread Brewing is a new Santa Rosa brewery with plans for a brewpub, beer garden and restaurant downtown.

Two Tread Brewing architectural plans for a brewery and pub in downtown Santa Rosa
Two Tread Brewing architectural plans for a brewery and pub in downtown Santa Rosa

2 Tread Brewing Company has announced plans for an ambitious brewery, restaurant and beer garden at the Santa Rosa Plaza.

Co-owners Bill Drury, Tracy Heydorn and Christian August have been quietly planning a nearly 10,000 square foot indoor-outdoor space that will feature on-site brewed beers, a casual chef-driven menu, live music and a full bar at the former Fresh Choice restaurant (which closed in 2012).

“A friendly place for beer, bikes and music is something I know I want,” said Drury, “and I think we’re filling that niche.”

Two Tread Brewing architectural plans for a brewery and pub in downtown Santa Rosa
Two Tread Brewing architectural plans for a brewery and pub in downtown Santa Rosa

Drury said that August, formerly Head Brewer at Firestone-Walker, plans to brew about 1200 barrels in their first year, selling primarily onsite.

The buildout will begin in the next few weeks, with an anticipated opening in fall 2016.

“We want to create a community gathering place where people can relax with friends or family and enjoy some great beverages with some really interesting food,” said Drury. The brewery name references the treads of hiking boots, bicycles and the outdoors he and his co-owners love.

2 Treads joins other downtown Santa Rosa brewery businesses Russian River Brewing Co. and Third Street Ale Works. Sonoma County now has more than 20 craft brewers.

Stay tuned for more details.


25 thoughts on “2 Tread Brewing Company coming to downtown Santa Rosa mall

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  2. Bunch of whiners in here. Who cares if another brew pub opens. Just think of it as a restaurant that happens to serve craft beer. Not a big deal. If it doesn’t sound like a place you want to go to then don’t.

  3. At first I was a little irritated, just what we need more dumb beer places. Then I realized the beauty of opening a brew pub. You get a liquor license. Like a real one with full bar. Yay now I am so excited every time I see a new brewpub coming to town.

  4. I like the concept that they are striving for bike friendly. Another brewery is great. Craft beer is here to stay. I wish them well.

    1. What I like is that I’m hoping it will sort of “anchor” the downtown evening/night scene in Santa Rosa. Because its right in the area where most of the bars are, I think the fact that its at the mall is irrelevant. There will be external entrances, so it’s not like you have to have a “mall” experience. I’m also really happy that a local business is taking over that huge space, and not another chain.

      1. I too am liking the idea of a locally-owned restaurant facing Fourth street; and it’s a plus that they will actually produce some product on site.

        There were some folks trying to get a “bike friendly district” (I know, BFD) designation for Fifth Street a few years ago; and maybe this is something the would be supportive.

  5. I agree with the above comments about the location in the SR Plaza. I go for 2 reasons: The Apple Store because of need, and Rubios, because you can access it without having to go into the mall. I don’t think the type of people who go to craft breweries are the type of people to shop at the mall so I can’t see it bringing in much, if any business to the current tenants. The space they’re moving into is huge which means their rent is going to be very high unless Simon is giving them a deal they can’t refuse. Even so, no restaurant has survived in that location very long. It’s not easily accessible being on the opposite side of the parking lot and sitting next to busy 3rd St, it’s not easy to get around to the lot like it is at Sprenger’s. Are they going to keep the mall open so people can get through or are they closing at 9pm? I’m all for craft breweries, but I think this location is not a good choice. The other side of the tracks would be much better.

    1. I agree with it not being an easy location for mall shoppers but there is downtown parking near by.
      However your argument that ‘people that go to craft breweries don’t shop at the mall’ is rather absurd. Where do they shop?

      1. People shop on Amazon. The roll of the “Mall” in our American culture is rapidly changing with the entrance of Amazon. Just as drive through fast food buildings are now being repurposed, so will Malls. Support of local business is critical! Go man GO!!! I pray that the pub is a smashing success! I hope the whole mall becomes the prototype of repurposing where local business take over the Disney Store! Talk about a waste of space!

  6. This is awesome! Santa Rosans need to stop with the loud music, bad location, more brew pub waaaa waaaas. We need more beer gardens and lively updated businesses that will bring people to our tired downtown! And what a great idea by encouraging people to walk or ride! Such a step in the right direction. Cheers!

  7. Like I said regarding Old Mexico being replaced with a “brewpub”, “Just what we need, another brewpub downtown. Really???” I wonder what the next fad will be.

    1. Seriously….what is it with this town and breweries / brewpubs?!?!?! Do we not have enough?!?! That’s all that gets opens anymore!! Do all the hipster d-bags not have enough fancy brew joints to satisfy them??? Enough already!!!

      1. IMHO most of the brewpubs here are really not family friendly. I mean, I’ve taken my kids to Sprengers, but it felt weird. I feel the same about Russian River. 2 Tread is aiming for, from what I understand, a broader demographic where you can get some good food, sit outside on the patio, drink a beer or a soda or whatever or a cocktail. I think hipster d-bags is a really wrong word, especially around here. The folks I see at most of the breweries are just younger folks, primarily, who like beer. San Francisco? That’s another story.

  8. My blood ran cold at the words “live music”. Hopefully it will be indoors with the doors CLOSED. It may look like a business district but residential neighborhoods are just a couple of blocks away. Unless you live in the downtown area you have no idea how sounds bounce off buildings and are amplified.

    1. No different than the neighborhoods that surround the fairgrounds. It just won’t be as annoying and dusty.

    2. I’m certain that the singer/songwriter guitar type will not be heard by the residents a few blocks away.
      That is a silly argument.

  9. Don’t forget the brewpb taking over the Old Mexico taqueria at 4501 Montgomery Dr, which is not that far from downtown.

    1. Seriously? It’s as far away as Acapulcos was. Did you think that was too many Mexican restaurants? There are 2 brewpubs within 3 blocks of the mall. I’ve even seen wineries and restaurants next door to each other!

  10. Why locate in the hideous Plaza? Commercial retail-based real estate properties are becoming endangered species. Note recent sales/earnings numbers from Macy’s, Nordstrom, Target, and Gap, just to name a few. Aeropostale and Sports Authority are busted; Sears is on life support. Why? On-line buying is the obvious answer. Changing consumer tastes are most subtle and complex reason. RE proprietors have to find tenants who will pay the rent to in turn support their debt payments, better known as mortgages. First there were wineries and their ubiquitous tasting rooms. Since that market is now saturated, it looks like brew pubs are the next new thing. Until it isn’t. As the world turns…

    1. Beer tasting is difficult on line. Besides, I like to support the smaller, more local business.

    2. The rents may be better than they would be right on fourth street, and if Simons is anticipating steady vacancy rates they may be willing to sign a longer-term lease at a price favorable to the business owners.

      The restaurants can only survive if they can make rent, payroll and wholesale food payments; and a controllable rent situation is ideal. A lot of places fold because the rents go up faster than the profits of the restaurants in a “dare you to move” situation controlled by the landlords. Getting into a restaurant, you should set a “get out” date equal to your lease contract’s last irrevocable rent date when you pencil out the numbers. Otherwise, it’s $100,000 to relocate, or more, and most find up just paying it to the landlord.

  11. Why not? These places keep opening and seem to keep being successful. But I wonder about the location. A lot of people only go to the Plaza Mall when necessary. A location which has apparently been vacant since 2012? While not a brewpub, they’ll be competing with Sprenger’s Tap Room which is doing well and is only a block away. Hope they do well, but wonder how many beer and casual dining places downtown can support.

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