Sneak Peeks at Nonni’s & Casa Del Mar

BBQ at Saint Rose, Nonni's, Casa Del Mar

Sneak Peek: Nonni’s
Downtown Santa Rosa gets a new addition with Nonni’s, an Italian restaurant that opened this week. It was a quick turnaround for the 420 Mendocino Ave. location that recently housed Saigon Bistro. I got a thumbs up report for their soft launch from a local culinary prof: “In a word: fabuloso! Osso bucco falling off the bone; crisp non-greasy calamari; a fabulous dessert called pesta: a custard-stuffed cookie shaped like a peach with vanilla ice cream…!” Stay tuned for more details as BiteClub hits the tables. The restaurant will be open daily for dinner and M-Saturday for lunch, staring at 11am.
Sneak Peek: Casa Del Mar
Lots of buzz about the mega-restaurant that’s been under construction at Stony Point and Todd Roads in Santa Rosa. Now open, the revamped La Strada interior features a large, full-service bar, comfy dining room and private party space, though the outdoor patio is still under construction. The new menu is as sprawling as the space, featuring dozens of seafood specials, daily menudo and birria, taco and enchilada combos and the usual Mex-American burrito/chimichanga fare. Focus, according to the owners, is on seafood (hence the name). First impressions: Great ceviche tostadas, disappointing fish tacos that were neither grilled (as advertised) or edible. 3660 Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa, 541-6140.


18 thoughts on “Sneak Peeks at Nonni’s & Casa Del Mar

  1. I would be weary of the comments made here. Casa Del Mar was wonderful. I have been twice now and although the prices are a little high the service was excellent and the place is beautiful. The food was amazing possibly one of the best shrimp cocktails in town with a large portion of shrimp. Also the shrimp empenadas are so fresh and tasty. I think it took some time for them to work out all of their kinks but this place deserves a second chance!

  2. Casa del Mar should have spent more time working out the menu than they did on the building. The renovations look great the food is sub-standard at best. Hire a chef and get it right. To Casa Del Mar I say adios.

  3. Had dinner at Casa Del Mar and was not impressed at all!! Margaritas very watery.
    Very expensive for very little food. Probably will not return!!

  4. well…we went to Casa Del Mar for dinner and were very dissapointed…the service was ok…but the food…the guac tasted like the frozen stuff from Costco
    my Chili Relleno was so hot (spicy hot) I couldn`t eat it…they left the seeds in.Wow! husband waited for the shrimp cocktail he ordered for a appetizer but it never showed up.. just chips and more chips… then the food came…no shrimp cocktail…then we were told it was sitting in the kitchen to come out with the dinner…I thought it was an appetizer?… the beans were runny and the pork tamale was cold…even though it was a beef tamale, not pork…beef isn`t even on the menu!

  5. Had such hopes for Casa Del Mar. The Food was so bad. The service was worse. They messed up our order, gave us gross food and then tried to charge us for their mess-up. NEVER Again. This place will be closed soon.

  6. We went to Casa Del Mar last night for the first time. Thought the food was OK. Service was REALLY slow. Took 20 min. at least to get a margarita and they were awful. Too sweet and no booze.
    May go back later………..

  7. We went to Casa Del Mar last night for the first time. Thought the food was OK. Service was REALLY slow. Took 20 min. at least to get a margarita and they were awful. Too sweet and no booze.
    May go back later………..

  8. We went to Casa Del Mar for dinner with friends,and was very dissapointed the waitress did not understand anything we said was excited about fish tacos till i saw them and had a bite when a restraunt emphasises that they are a seafood place and cant make a a fish taco that a cat would even eat is a shame i hope the next person that tells them the same thing i did they will at least take the fish tacos off of there bill.

  9. I went to Casa Del Mar for the second time yesterday. The first night I went they had a full house and we had to wait for 20 min. The food was good so we went back yesterday. They have everything under control now. The service we got was better than the first time we went. The restaurant is very confortable and nicely decorated. In my opinian is the best upscale Mexican restaurant Santa Rosa needed!

  10. Casa del Mar is horrible. The wait is long and they have empty tables. I don’t know why they had us waiting for 10 minutes when they actually meant 30 MINUTES. Chips weren’t even cooked and my boyfriends order had shrimp tails in his order. A cocktail isn’t supposed to be sweet, it had nothing but Ketchup.Honestly we rather have dinner at Jack in the Box then here. Its cheaper, fast and better. Puerto Vallarta has better service and cheaper prices; plus you get what you ask for.

  11. I went to Casa Del Mar Restaurant today with some of my friends. THe service was EXCELLENT and the food was delicious. The wait was 30 min, but the wait was well worth it!!!

  12. I went to Casa Del Mar and thought it was horrible. It took twenty minutes for tacos and the place was empty. The service was also not up to par.

  13. Sorry Lydia…I could have been a bit clearer. I changed the content above. Apparently its Ecco.

  14. So just what is the ‘best coffee in Sonoma County’? Does it have a name or is Mark roasting and grinding his own beans now?

  15. My husband and I dined at Nonni’s on the official opening night–we didn’t mean to, but it ended up being fun. Mostly. We had to wait nearly an hour for our food. There were many apologies and a complimentary salad and glass of wine, which made up for our wait IMO. My husband raved about his spaghetti and meatballs. I ordered the mushroom risotto, which was yummy if a little too al dente for my taste. The staff was very nice. Wine is reasonably priced. The space is pleasant, but it was very crowded that night (which is a good thing) and loud (not so good). Bottom line, we’ll give them some time to get settled, but we’ll be back.

  16. On a side note, Traverso’s will be open at the new Fountain Grove location on the 26th of this month! They have a little sign hanging out in front…And a peak inside looks PHENOMENAL!
    Just thought I’d throw that on here since it’s an “update” post =)

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