Napa’s Gentleman Farmer Bungalow Serves Up a European-Style Wine Lunch In a Stylish Craftsman Home

At Gentleman Farmer Bungalow, the winemakers cook you lunch and sprinkle in stories and personal anecdotes as extra seasoning. It is a truly unique experience.

Jeff Durham and Joey Wołosz, partners in business and life, are revolutionizing Napa’s wine scene with a culinary salon reminiscent of a traditional European winemaker lunch.

Their newly opened Gentleman Farmer Bungalow, an offshoot of the couple’s Gentleman Farmer Wines, is a “studio for gustatory well-being” stealthily nestled on First Street in downtown Napa’s west end.

Durham and Wolosz have given the 1926 Craftsman bungalow a homey feel by meticulously designing its rooms and curating its decor and furniture. A large kitchen takes center stage with a blue backsplash, while green accents light up the walls with redwood imagery. There also are playful elements — for example, the bathrooms come complete with original Playboy magazines.

The aim of the design? To recreate the intimate and fun ambiance of dining in a winemaker’s home.

“We are having a good time. Most often people are visiting on their vacation. We get to be part of that, so we are on somebody’s vacation every day,” said Wołosz.

European inspiration

Specializing in elegantly crafted, Old-World-inspired wines sourced from sustainably farmed vineyards across Napa Valley, Durham and Wołosz released their inaugural vintage under the Gentleman Farmer Wines label in 2005.

The inspiration for Gentleman Farmer Bungalow came from a trip to Bordeaux, France, where the couple enjoyed an hourslong wine tasting experience with a multicourse, vintner-cooked lunch.

At the bungalow, guests are treated to a similar experience with Gentleman Farmer wines (produced by winemaker Jérôme Chéry), dishes prepared by Durham and Wołosz and stories from the Golden State and Napa Valley, with personal anecdotes sprinkled in as extra seasoning.

Guests indulge in intricately prepared, entirely homemade six-course lunches with a rich history.

“We pull from family recipes of Polish-American and Italian-American dishes with nods to 1970s Julia Child cooking. We try to use what people bring us from their garden. We pull from our Yountville garden and our Yountville chickens,” said Wołosz. “We are not about the perfect small bite to be perfectly paired with each wine. We show the wines how you would enjoy them at home, with food, music and lots of stories.”

Soufflé from Gentleman Farmer Bungalow in downtown Napa. (Jak Wonderly)
Soufflé from Gentleman Farmer Bungalow in downtown Napa. (Jak Wonderly)
Berry Clafoutis from Gentleman Farmer Bungalow in downtown Napa. (Jak Wonderly)
At Gentleman Farmer Bungalow in downtown Napa. (Jak Wonderly)

The menu changes frequently and includes various delights.

“People are introduced to our wines, framed in the context of a meal. We are very foundational, making everything from scratch, including curing meats, making sausages, making mustard, making brioche with our chardonnay, baking bread, and puff pastry,” explained Wołosz.

Reservations at the bungalow are made by appointment; the signature experience is the six-course lunch but there is also the option of booking a paired three-course breakfast and six-course dinners.

Durham and Wołosz also host regular “Salon Soirées” featuring live music, burlesque performances, adult magic shows, guest speakers and other special events that embody the inclusive, artisan ethos of The Gentleman Farmer.

“This is a great time for friends visiting, better than just a tasting room. It is a really unique experience,” said the bungalow patron Peter Jaccarino.

A growing business

The decision to expand their winery business into a brick-and-mortar food and wine tasting salon in downtown Napa was driven by requests from Gentleman Farmer wine club members and visitors who had enjoyed Durham and Wołosz’s wines, thoughtfully prepared lunches and hospitality.

The feedback since they opened their bungalow has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Words people have used are ‘unique,’ ‘one-of-a-kind,’ ‘there is nothing like it,’ ‘when do you sleep?’” said Wołosz.

Another reason for its success is the growing popularity of the western part of downtown Napa, where the bungalow is located.

“Jeff was born in Napa … this is not the downtown of his youth or even the downtown of just a few years ago. The west side is seeing some action with Chispa, The Garden, our neighbor to the west, Napa Sonoma Supply, and the shops on Second Street,” explained Wołosz.

Tyler Rodde, the creator and owner of The Garden, agreed. “We have seen a ton of energy connecting the retail and restaurant spaces with the bed and breakfasts at Jefferson (Street). It’s great to see people rounding the corner and there being so much energy in the west end.“

“Napa’s west end has grown and flourished with the establishment of a number of new, exciting businesses. We hope this development will encourage guests to continue their exploration beyond the bend of the First Street drag and embrace all that downtown Napa has to offer,” echoed Chispa co-owner Aubrey Bailey.

At Gentleman Farmer Bungalow in downtown Napa. (Jak Wonderly)
At Gentleman Farmer Bungalow in downtown Napa. (Jak Wonderly)

More in store

The next evolution for Gentleman Farmer Bungalow is right around the corner.

“With Napa Porch Fest being delayed for a year, we are going to host our own Porch-etta Fest with our house band, Phat Ankle, playing on our porch. We will be making and serving porchetta and wine,” said Wołosz.

The husbands and partners are also updating the outdoor space in front, as well as the side yard, to host people outdoors.

Wołosz and Durham have reimagined how to taste wine in downtown Napa with a warm and approachable atmosphere.

“The sign by the front door says, ‘by appointment’ … However, if the door is open, please come in; we will most likely be cooking in the open kitchen,” said Wołosz.

Gentleman Farmer Bungalow is at 1564 First St. in downtown Napa. Individual and group reservations are offered. For more details on pricing and membership discounts, visit