My Ha

BiteClub is a fan of firemen–especially young hunky, off-duty ones. Except when they’re blocking my way to the buffet table. And then BiteClub gets a little grouchy. But it wasn’t the hungry fire fighters hogging the buffet line at My Ha that had me perturbed.

It was the buffet, itself.

After so many of your glowing reports about this Santa Rosa Vietnamese restaurant’s awesome lunch spread ($7.95), I was practically foaming at the mouth for some serious Viet-grubbing. And though packed to the gills with enthusiastic eaters, the tiny buffet–about ten steam trays, along with a fresh fruit bar–was uninspiring at best. The miniscule fried spring rolls had lost their crispness long before my arrival. The sweet & sour fish struck a mostly sour note. The lacquered BBQ pork ribs were dry and sticky. The rice had little uncooked pieces that crunched. The green beans were halfway between cooked and raw–and not in a good way, but in a weird chewy sort of way. Uh, fried chicken? Really? And so on. Maybe it was a bad day, but I couldn’t even get through a single plate–a rare situation for BiteClub.

In desperation, I also ordered fresh Vietnamese spring rolls ($5.95)–unfried rice paper rolls stuffed with lettuce and shrimp. They were bland, skinny and tasteless, filled mostly with coarse lettuce. Yes, they came to the table quickly. But frankly, I think they would have benefited from a bit more thought. Even my Diet Coke was flat.

On the plus side, the steam trays come out fresh and fast, with little time stamps on them, so you know how long stuff’s been sitting there. And usually it isn’t long with the kind of crowd they draw for lunch.

So, is My Ha a total write-off? Several of my readers swear by their Pho. My BiteClub pal, Dena, is one of their biggest supporters and says that the food is some of the freshest she’s had. She’ll likely skin me for saying otherwise. Unfortunately, those good experiences just didn’t translate to my lunch buffet.

Then again, the hunky firemen seemed to like it.

My Ha, 385 Aviation Blvd., #B, Santa Rosa, 707.527.8882
Buffet is served week days only from 11am to 2:30pm.