McCoys return to Pearson and Co.

A return for the goose. And the McCoys

The goose is back, along with Mike and Kendra McCoy after a brief retirement from their Santa Rosa catering and deli operation, Pearson and Co.

They’ll be bringing back favorite recipes, along with more soups and comfort foods, roasted chickens, pans of mac and cheese, lasagna, eggplant parmesan and more. The sandwich menu has been expanded and chocolate chip pudding has returned. The couple also plan to open The Marketplace @ Pearson’s with European specialty foods, teas, candies, candles and decor.

Oh, and by the way, they’ll be taking orders for their Thanksgiving and Christmas take-away dinners including pumpkin soup, roast turkey breast, cranberry sauce and pies. Two locations: 2759 4th St., Santa Rosa, 541-3868 and 2500 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa, 570-3700.


4 thoughts on “McCoys return to Pearson and Co.

  1. Phew! Me mum really gave the Kellers a good chance, trying the Pearson mainstays under the Kellers and several new items put forth by Kellers, Mi mum had me taste a few things because she thought maybe it was her taste buds or perception you know too high expectations put on new folks….alas I agreed with her after sampling the items. And given I wasn’t a previous patron of McCoys (or Chef Joseph for that matter-my involvement is limited to shopping for me mum there) I really had no bias. Just didn’t taste good.

    And I have to agree with other commenter that the *new* employees under Chef Joseph were not as friendly, helpful or attentive as the employees hired/trained under the McCoys (thank you seasoned employees who stayed on after the Kellers took the helm!!)
    I remember quite vividly my first visit during the first day of business under Kellers, employees = no charm school there.

  2. This is good news. The previous owner just did not have a clue about how to manage that business. And the employees were not up to the level that the McCoy’s had hired previously.

    1. it’s actually not that much back and forth. The McCoys retired last year and Josef Keller and his wife took over. It didn’t work out for them and the McCoys have come out of retirement.

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