Mamma Pigs Closed?

Windsor 'que embroiled in drama calls it quits

Barbecue at Mamma Pig in Windsor

Barbecue at Mamma Pig in WindsorBarbecue spot Mamma Pig’s has shuttered, at least temporarily. According to owner Gary Finnan: ” We have closed to restructure, reposition, what ever needs to be done.”

It’s not a huge surprise after the ongoing challenges the restaurant faced after opening. Culinary partners Matthew and Bryan Bousquet (formerly of Mirepoix and Bistro M) departed just days after opening, then closed their other Windsor restaurant Bistro M without warning. The couple did not return phone calls, but have said in public statements that the bad economy and several personal challenges contributed to their decision to leave the Windsor restaurant scene.

Since August, Finnan has struggled to keep the restaurant afloat, but the final blow came last week when, according to Finnan, Mamma Pig’s lost their barbecue and pastry chef, James Richmond. “He was the guy behind the food,” according to Finnan. “Without him we couldn’t move forward,” he added.  Richmond reportedly will join Matthew Bousquet at Bistro Jeanty in Yountville.

“Until we can get back on an even keel, we will be closed until we can put the right kind of quality back in there,” Finnan added. “We came out of the gate fast but the going was heavy underfoot and out handicap excessive, so the race was lost,” Finnan said in an email to BiteClub. “We appreciate the support and hope to rise anew,” he said.