Lay’s Chicken and Waffle Potato Chips?

The weirdest flavored chips ever? Not by a mile.

Mmmm. Chicken and waffle chips
Mmmm. Chicken and waffle chips
Mmmm. Chicken and waffle chips

More than 3.8 million folks submitted ideas for a new Lay’s potato chip flavor (some of which, like peanut butter and jelly, were mercifully left on the drawing board).

However, the three finalists are now on grocery store shelves: Chicken and Waffles, Sriracha and Cheesy Garlic Bread.

So far, the chicken and waffles is a sort of “love it or hate it” thing, though they grow on you. Like an untreated fungus. Sriracha is, well, kind of srirach-y. Then again, I’m bitter because my entry of “Sriracha Aioli” was not considered. It would have been good. I couldn’t find a bag of the cheesy garlic bread. They were all out. Bummer.

Whatever your taste, these certainly aren’t the strangest potato chip flavors ever invented. China seems to have the lock on those. Or possibly Japan.

Snap up these limited edition flavors fast, however, because they’re, well, limited editions. The contest’s most popular chip will snag $1million for the person who suggested it.

Sure, its all a big marketing ploy, but at least it’s a tasty one.

What’s your take?

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13 thoughts on “Lay’s Chicken and Waffle Potato Chips?

  1. Could not find the waffles and chicken or siracha in my part of the country AZ but did find the cheese and garlic they are delish just like garlic bread hope they stay around for awhile


  3. The chicken and waffles tasted gross. It tasted like burnt waffles, spoiled syrup, and rotten top ramen!!! Yuck!!

  4. Years back I was visiting St. Louis and we had Dill Pickle Lays. Far the best Lays I have ever had! I know they are out there because every now and again my parents bring me a bag from the Commissary at Beale AFB in Sacramento. I have never seen them for sale in Santa Rosa.

  5. A coworker brought in the Chicken and Waffles and the Siracha. Loved the Siracha, could have almost been spicier though. Meh on the Chicken and Waffles but I could see people buying them. Just not for me.

  6. I tried the Siracha chips, at first they tasted like bbq chips, but soon after came the slight burn of Siracha. Because my son loves them I bought a “stash” for his 16 yr. old pallet. 🙂

  7. In Greece we had Lay’s Oregano flavor chips. They were outrageously good. Wish I could get them here.

  8. I now live in Thailand. Pringles is on every shelf, with one of the flavors being offered, “Seaweed”. I am assuming this is not in the states.

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