Lady Blume Bakery in Cotati Offers Gluten-Free Sweets

The entire bakery is gluten and dairy-free, with a large selection of vegan options.

Would you eat a cinnamon roll made without butter?

A new Sonoma County bakery is blossoming as Lady Blume Microbakery + Coffee soft-opened its doors last weekend near Cotati’s La Plaza Park.

But the entire bakery is gluten- and dairy-free, with a large selection of vegan options to wrap your head around. What the what?

For some, leaving out the wheat, eggs, and dairy in pastries is a welcome sign of a future that looks to alternative, dietary-inclusive ingredients for favorite comfort classics. Lady Blume is also a highly anticipated replacement for Magdelena’s Savories and Sweets, a vegan bakery in Petaluma that shuttered last year.

Owner Tawnya Marsh of Pacifica’s Saltwater Bakery has been working on the concept for over three years, first slated for the Penngrove Hatchery but finally landing in its sweeter-than-pie location in downtown Cotati.

Her limited opening menu includes stellar lemon-pistachio glazed doughnuts ($3.25) and orange blossom almond cake ($5). A recommended caffeinated sipper is the Wildflower coffee drink with lavender-infused sugar, spicy chai and coffee ice cubes (try it with almond milk).

A “Coming Soon” menu promises health shots and wellness drinks, like the Daydream with a mushroom blend of turkey tail, lion’s mane and chaga with cinnamon cocoa dust; and the Campfire with cacao, maca, cinnamon and smoked sea salt (each $6.50).

We’re also looking forward to a plant-based cinnamon roll, something that seems impossible without the traditional ingredients, but worth trying nonetheless.

Lady Blume is open 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday to Sunday, 8059 La Plaza St., Cotati,