Kitchen Sink Strata | Recipe

Get Your Sh!t Together Breakfast

This is my very favorite breakfast recipe mainly because it starts with “get your sh!t together”.  Submitted by the venerable Miriam Donaldson of Blue Label Cafe (and Humble Pie), she’s a creative, free-thinking kind of baker who thinks in broad strokes rather than exacting recipes. Use the farm market as inspiration and load up this freeform strata with whatever sounds good — from stinging nettles to Douglas fir tips. For simpler tastes, just use what’s on hand: Onions, mushrooms, asparagus…

This recipe is also great for using up leftover bits of cheese — Parmesan, brie, Jack, or whatever you have.

Get Your Sh!t Together Bread & Egg Strata

1. Get your sh!t together:

  • 9 inch springform pan
  • As much torn up old bread as it takes to fill said pan (Della Fattoria if you can)
  • Hella veg, cheese, whatever there is, especially anything from the garden, because that sh!t is good
  • Heavy cream (at least a pint)
  • 7 eggs…check fridge for contraband eggs (eggs from Tara’s ducks are flippin good)
  • salt, pepper and anything else you can get your hands on

2. Combine all that together. Make it a little gooier than you think it aught to be.
3. Let it sit in it’s own goo all night (dont put it in the spring from yet, because it will seep out and get the fridge dirty and then everybody will be mad at you for being a slob)
4. Smoosh all that good stuff into the springform pan and pack it in pretty well.
5. Bake that sucker for about an hour at about 400 degrees until it doesnt jiggle.
6. Let rest for about 10 minutes before popping the springform.

*I do of course realize that this is more of a poem than a recipe…but it is, for better or worse, how most all of our recipes at Blue Label are written *lol*

Today I will make my Strata with butter fried Douglas Fir tips, wasabi lettuce flowers and parmesan cheese and top it off with housemade Bacon Salt. …yup bacon salt.