Julie/Julia premieres @ Hollywood & Wine launch in Hbrg

Hollywood & Wine

julia.jpgIt’s long been thought, at least by me, that a glass of wine might really improve the whole movie-going experience. Not to mention a decent sandwich and a seat that doesn’t have Junior Mints stuck to it. And poof, Hollywood & Wine appears on the scene.

The idea: Show first-run flicks with a decent glass of SoCo wine in plush leather seats with something other than greasy popcorn. The theater/wine bar concept kicks off on August 7 (Friday night) at the Raven Film Center in Healdsburg with — appropriately  — a showing of Julie & Julia, a film with Meryl Streep as Julia Child and Amy Adams portraying a whiny food blogger. Yeah, I said it.

Word is Hollywood & Wine is planning to have goodies from Costeaux Bakery and some local beers as well. Score.  415 Center St., Healdsburg, 522-0330.

UPDATE: BiteClub’s 10 second review of Julie & Julia….

So, I skipped out of work on Friday to see the show (along with a whole lot of senior citizens).

And while I stick to my assertion that the Julie Powell portion is about as irritating as a rusty cheese grater to the eyeball, there were a few moments of brilliance. Like when her husband accuses her of being overly self-involved in her blog. And when she wonders if anyone is reading. And when she gets really excited when people comment. And when, again, her husband deals out a little reality check when it comes to her “fans” actually caring about the blog. Um, yeah. Self-involved food blogger who gets serious reality checks from significant other? Sounds a little familiar.

What makes the movie worth the $7.50 you’re going to spend seeing it at the bargain matinee is Meryl Streeps hysterical, dead-on performance as Julia Child. Brilliant. Almost makes you a little ashamed to be stuffing those Good & Plenty’s into your maw while she’s savoring buerre blanc.

Tell me what you thought? Looking for showtimes?