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Hollywood & Wine

julia.jpgIt’s long been thought, at least by me, that a glass of wine might really improve the whole movie-going experience. Not to mention a decent sandwich and a seat that doesn’t have Junior Mints stuck to it. And poof, Hollywood & Wine appears on the scene.

The idea: Show first-run flicks with a decent glass of SoCo wine in plush leather seats with something other than greasy popcorn. The theater/wine bar concept kicks off on August 7 (Friday night) at the Raven Film Center in Healdsburg with — appropriately  — a showing of Julie & Julia, a film with Meryl Streep as Julia Child and Amy Adams portraying a whiny food blogger. Yeah, I said it.

Word is Hollywood & Wine is planning to have goodies from Costeaux Bakery and some local beers as well. Score.  415 Center St., Healdsburg, 522-0330.

UPDATE: BiteClub’s 10 second review of Julie & Julia….

So, I skipped out of work on Friday to see the show (along with a whole lot of senior citizens).

And while I stick to my assertion that the Julie Powell portion is about as irritating as a rusty cheese grater to the eyeball, there were a few moments of brilliance. Like when her husband accuses her of being overly self-involved in her blog. And when she wonders if anyone is reading. And when she gets really excited when people comment. And when, again, her husband deals out a little reality check when it comes to her “fans” actually caring about the blog. Um, yeah. Self-involved food blogger who gets serious reality checks from significant other? Sounds a little familiar.

What makes the movie worth the $7.50 you’re going to spend seeing it at the bargain matinee is Meryl Streeps hysterical, dead-on performance as Julia Child. Brilliant. Almost makes you a little ashamed to be stuffing those Good & Plenty’s into your maw while she’s savoring buerre blanc.

Tell me what you thought? Looking for showtimes?


16 thoughts on “Julie/Julia premieres @ Hollywood & Wine launch in Hbrg

  1. My husband and I went to Julia & Julia (glad it was back)tonight and thought we would try HOLLYWOOD and WINE…we were so dissapointed…It was so hot inside the small room we were in I drank my expensive 5oz glass of wine before the show even began…we had to sit in the front row because I couldn`t see over the stiff squeaky seats…we felt like we were in a small wearhouse…not cozy at all…you should of had someone sit through a movie in the seats before you purchased them…try out the Rialto…great seats! maybe for the price of everything you should start over and included wine and food with the ticket so we know what we really are getting…we were so confused on how much we were spending that we opted for popcorn instead of the little cheese or sandwich plates…now I feel sick…

  2. Ha! Great post, Heather, you nailed it for this fellow blogger! Scoffed just-roasted chicken dinner (so as not to disappoint the spirit of Julia) in time to leg it down to the Boulevard Theater here in P’Town and viewed the food-lovers flick for myself, last night. Had read both books that the movie was based on a while back and considered there to be little competition in the stakes of which one I’d liked to have seen the most materialize on screen. Could have guffawed along with all the snorting old geezers and their wives scoffing popcorn all night long had “My Life in France” been the sole content, though Julie’s story, irritating to the millions of bloggers out there typing away to God knows who, was a good reminder to have more of a laugh when landing ourselves in the host or hostess role! Oh yes, and to drink more wine. Though not necessarily in the movie theater.

  3. I checked, and it seems like they’re no longer showing Julie/Julia in the Hollywood and Wine theater. They’re showing two girly movies now instead. Just one week? And a movie that is so much about food and wine- why wouldn’t they keep it going for at least a few weeks? Disappointing.

  4. I am a movie theater and wine enthusiast. Having a Sonoma county venue that combines the two has been a long time coming. My husband and I visited Hollywood & Wine at the Raven last week. We had a chance to sit in the bar area and chat with employees and the owners who were very happy to hear feedback from the customers and were very open to new ideas as they test new beverages and food choices. We enjoyed a glass of wine and beer and were pleased with the variety. Upon returning to the theater this week, we were pleased to see that “house wine choices” in the price range of $6:00-$6.50 added to the menu. The beer prices starting at $5.25 for 12 to 15 ounces of beer is very affordable. The employee behind that bar area also confirmed that we can look forward to new food choices on the menu in the next couple of weeks. We both loved the upscale seating and intimate setting of the theaters and are looking forward to returning often.

  5. Okay, I’m gonna be a curmudgeon. Hollywood & Wine is a good idea that isn’t really working at the Raven. We went to the 4 pm show on Aug 7. Bought our tickets online but had to stand in-line behind many queueing up for multiple screens to get our tickets. Therefore, time at the wine bar was short. The wine pour was miserly — $10.50 for 5 oz. The seats are squeaky and a little uncomfortable. The 5 oz was gone before the previews were over but couldn’t face another $10.50 or leaving the movie to order another. So, for the two of us it was a $46 movie: $11.50 per ticket, plus $1.00 online surcharge (no convenience); plus $10.50 for 5 oz of wine. I suggest biting the bullet, charging $20 per ticket and handing over a carafe of wine. It’s still a great idea — just needs refinement.

  6. Are they going to be doing this again? I’m so glad the Raven did this! It sounds like there are staff and food improvements to be made, but once everything is ironed out, this could really be a fun time for other movies.

  7. Little tip (and I know some of you already know this:)
    Most local theaters have raised their “standard” ticket price to $10. Even the crummy 3rd street cinemas is $9.25! But, if you buy the tickets at Costco, you can still get them for $6.99 each and they’re good for the Roxy, Airport, and 3rd Street. They don’t have discounted tickets for the Rialto at Costco (they also raised their prices to $10. Hello? Thought we were in a recession!) but you can get the “passport” for $8 per show.

  8. This is a great idea but when I attended the 4pm Sunday show I was disappointed. First of all, we bought tickets online (and paid a $2 surcharge) but still had to stand in line with everyone who didn’t buy ahead. The seats are still set up like an ordinary theatre with just a cup holder and small tray table for food. There was one gal attending to the bar and she had to open bottles, pour wine, and when someone ordered a panini – the ONLY food available by the way – everyone in line waited while she made the sandwich. No food and wine pairings as had been advertised. Basically, just like seeing a movie with Coke and popcorn but substitute an $8 glass of wine and a $6.50 panini on top of your $11.50 ticket.

  9. Truly an excellent concept and a welcome addition to the Healdsburg wine scene! So nice that the GreenGrocer, of Windsor, turned out to offer foodie/movie goers free hors d’ourves in honor of Julia(& Julia) on Saturday night. The Grocer also provided entertainment to the crowd with “BUNZ & BEATS”, giving away Sticky buns and Hot Chai Tea paired with an Eclectic Performance by DJ Fresco. The crowds lingered, filled up on locavore fare and danced off into the night! The GreenGrocer also announced a new Gastro-Pub Dinner Menu & new Free Wine Tasting Daily from 5-6pm… local, sustainable, delicious.

  10. So, did you love it? I went last night with my kids and sister, and we loved it! We didn’t go to Raven’s (we’re out of town right now), but the movie was excellent even without a glass of wine!

  11. My husband and I went last week to see Funny People in the Hollywood and Wine section. It was great. I am so happy they have that at the Raven. The seats are great, they have some solid wine selections and overall it is a nice way to watch a movie. Also, you have to be over 21 to even see a movie in that section so it elimantes some of rowdy teens we sometimes see at the movies.

  12. We went last night and too bad we didn’t order tickets on line, as I think a lot of people had, so we couldn’t do the Hollywood and Wine thing. But we enjoyed the movie (and popcorn). Had a great time, and will either order tickets ahead, or get there a lot earlie. It is such a great concept, and no surprise that Healdsburg is doing it.

  13. I recently attended an event just outside of Chicago at Gold Class Cinemas–plush, suede leather seats, great food served to you during the movie (two courses) along with delicious wine. There are two so far, in Chicago and outside of Seattle. Great experience–and the lobby is like an even plusher wine bar. It was time to bring this to Healdsburg and I am glad the folks at the Raven worked hard on bringing this experience to the wine country. And yes, you pay an upcharge at Gold Class Cinemas–but it is worth it.

  14. We had heard about this and are looking forward to giving it a try. What a fantastic idea. And of course Costeaux Bakery food is excellent. We go there often.

  15. Ongoing. Check the fine print, though…it looks like there may be an upcharge for the nice seats and cushy food. But hey, treat yourself, right?

  16. Wow! What a cool concept! Is this really going to be an ongoing thing? An every day kind of thing or an every week kind of thing? I heard about a theatre in Oakland(?) that has something similar. Can’t wait to try this out!

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