“It’s Food!”: Clark Wolf hosts new show

A culinary love-letter to Sonoma County set to air this fall

What’s next on Clark Wolf’s ever-expanding to do list? Television personality.
The jet-setting restaurant consultant/author/food personality and sometimes blogger turned up at Sonoma County’s own TV 50 kitchen studio a few months ago to tape the pilot for “It’s Food!”, a video love-letter to the chefs and purveyors of Sonoma County.
As a longtime Wine Country resident, he’s calling on foodie friends to guest what’s hoped to be a monthly half-hour program exploring the farm-to-table philosophy of SoCo. On the first episode: Chef John Ash, Zazu’s Duskie Estes and Nancy Skall of Middleton Gardens.
“There’s so much about food that started in Sonoma County and is being revisited in Sonoma County. There are so many stories to share. I’ve done TV over the years on and off, but I was waiting for something that was less of a game show and something I actually wanted to share with people,” said Wolf.
The first show is slated to air before Thanksgiving and will be viewable throughout the Northbay. Channel details are still being worked out.