In N Out Secret Menu

Do you do it Animal Style? A primer to the 'Secret Menu' at In-N-Out

Do you do it Animal Style?

There’s a zen-like beauty to In-N-Out’s pared-down menu. No chicken nuggets or salads or any of that crap. Just burgers, fries and shakes. However, being human (and Californian) there’s a natural need to customize. Enter the In N Out secret menu. Though it’s not so secret anymore, many folks haven’t explored the goodness of Animal Style or figured out that their picky 4-year-old can get a grilled cheese. Plus, it’s just kind of fun.
Here again is the primer on the In-N-Out secret menu. Mostly because our friend Bob said it was the one the BiteClub could do to make the world a better place today. So, okay….here goes…
Animal Style: Gets you a burger with a grilled, mustard-covered bun; grilled onions (instead of raw); pickles and extra special sauce. This Double Double Animal-Style vet won’t do anything else. Animal Style fries are the same as the burger, but glopped on top of your fries. Mmmmm.
Protein Style: Atkins is so over, but hangers-on like their burger between two pieces of lettuce. No bun.
Flying Dutchman: Two meats, two cheeses. No bun and nothin’ else.
Grilled Cheese: Cheeseburger, hold the burger. Great for veg-heads in the party.
Double Meat: Double Double, hold the cheese
Wish Burger: Just a bun and vegetables. No cheese, no meat.
3×3, 4×4, 4×2, etc.: The first number is the beef patties, the second is the number of cheeses. There’s legend of the 100×100, but currently a 4×4 is as big as they’ll make for you, tubby.
Cut in Half: We’ve actually seen this one in action, and it’s just what you think. Two halves of a sloppy burger just makes things so much daintier.
Fries: Light, extra crispy, with cheese on top. All available. I’m partial to the extra crispy.
Drinks: Neopolitan shake (all three flavors in cup); root beer float (ice cream in the cup)
On the side: Rumors of “spread” packet abound. If you’re a fan of the Thousand Island-like dressing, ask for extra.

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3 thoughts on “In N Out Secret Menu

  1. Frozen and raw -burger and fries, never fresh. I would not eat there again. I have tried the local ones a few times, I will stick more edible food.

  2. I’ve known of the secret menu for years but recently discovered you can get “chilis” on your burger. If you ask for chilis you will get a generous portion of peperoncini on your burger for that special kick. Mix chilis with your animal style cheeseburger and you will have the best $2.45 deal on earth (IMHO)! Major yums!

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