In N Out Secret Menu

Do you do it Animal Style? A primer to the 'Secret Menu' at In-N-Out

Do you do it Animal Style?
Do you do it Animal Style?

There’s a zen-like beauty to In-N-Out’s pared-down menu. No chicken nuggets or salads or any of that crap. Just burgers, fries and shakes. However, being human (and Californian) there’s a natural need to customize. Enter the In N Out secret menu. Though it’s not so secret anymore, many folks haven’t explored the goodness of Animal Style or figured out that their picky 4-year-old can get a grilled cheese. Plus, it’s just kind of fun.
Here again is the primer on the In-N-Out secret menu. Mostly because our friend Bob said it was the one the BiteClub could do to make the world a better place today. So, okay….here goes…
Animal Style: Gets you a burger with a grilled, mustard-covered bun; grilled onions (instead of raw); pickles and extra special sauce. This Double Double Animal-Style vet won’t do anything else. Animal Style fries are the same as the burger, but glopped on top of your fries. Mmmmm.
Protein Style: Atkins is so over, but hangers-on like their burger between two pieces of lettuce. No bun.
Flying Dutchman: Two meats, two cheeses. No bun and nothin’ else.
Grilled Cheese: Cheeseburger, hold the burger. Great for veg-heads in the party.
Double Meat: Double Double, hold the cheese
Wish Burger: Just a bun and vegetables. No cheese, no meat.
3×3, 4×4, 4×2, etc.: The first number is the beef patties, the second is the number of cheeses. There’s legend of the 100×100, but currently a 4×4 is as big as they’ll make for you, tubby.
Cut in Half: We’ve actually seen this one in action, and it’s just what you think. Two halves of a sloppy burger just makes things so much daintier.
Fries: Light, extra crispy, with cheese on top. All available. I’m partial to the extra crispy.
Drinks: Neopolitan shake (all three flavors in cup); root beer float (ice cream in the cup)
On the side: Rumors of “spread” packet abound. If you’re a fan of the Thousand Island-like dressing, ask for extra.