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Ideas in Food Guest Chef Dinner

Shaved Shrimp at Madrona Manor
Shaved Shrimp at Madrona Manor

Madrona Manor’s Executive Chef Jesse Mallgren has long dabbled in the world of forward-thinking culinary techniques popularly described as “molecular gastronomy.” And though most chefs now bristle at the term, it refers to a sort of laboratory approach to foods, breaking them down into their most basic elements or flavors, creating surprising methods of delivery or using unconventional cooking methods to create wildly creative dishes. Tools of the trade range from whipped creamers and blow torches to liquid nitrogen, gelatins, powders and foam. Its pioneers (Grant Achatz of Alinea, Ferran Adria of El Bulli) are some of the most celebrated chefs in the world. (Both also have books out this month…)

One of the pied pipers of this cooking style is H. Alexander Talbot of Ideas in Food. The East Coast chef, along with his wife Aki Kamozawa run a culinary consulting business that trains chefs on how to use modern ingredients, equipment and innovative approaches to food. The couple spent several days at Madrona Manor demonstrating transglutimates, liquid nitrogen, CO2 and other cutting edge kitchen wizardry. As a final demonstration, Talbot created a guest dinner at the restaurant.

On the menu 3/16/11…
– Scrambled egg mousse with Blis brook trout roe, melon and cucumber
– Medai with grilled fish bone oil, Eureka lemon leaf, salad burnet
– Shaved Shrimp with charred jalapeno and bolting cilantro (using Activa as a binder)
– Uni Tortellini with yuzu kosho and Dungeness crab
– Local black cod with chicory, squash banana and watermelon radish
– Sonoma lamb loin and tongue with carrot peanut butter and oxalis
– Cashew Butter Bavaroise with sugared crouton, huckleberry, white chocolate, toffee ice cream

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