CLOSED: Himalayan Cafe and Grill

Himalayan Cafe and Grill in Santa Rosa serves up authentic Indian and Himalayan dishes including tikka masala, palak paneer, daal, naan and more.

Palak paneer at Himalayan Cafe & Grill in Santa Rosa
Palak paneer at Himalayan Cafe & Grill in Santa Rosa

Namaste, my little pakora.

Himalayan Cafe & Grill in Santa Rosa
Himalayan Cafe & Grill in Santa Rosa

I dropped by this new strip-mall Indian/Himalayan restaurant on Mendocino Avenue about a month ago, and was really impressed. Not surprisingly, since Himalayan Cafe & Grill was a favorite of mine when they were located in Windsor several years ago.

Himalayan Cafe & Grill in Santa Rosa
Tikka Masala at Himalayan Cafe & Grill in Santa Rosa

What was a depressing steam table of meh biryani and tikka masala has been transformed into a cozy little eatery with wood tables and some spectacular Indian food. Top picks include lentil soup (dal), which is rich and flavorful rather than it’s usually watery counterpart; fresh butter naan, exotically spiced biryani (rice with dried fruits and meat), saag paneer (fresh cheese in creamy spinach sauce) and my surprise favorite, tofu chili. Stir fried tofu is punched up with red onions, peppers, spices and a touch of heat.

Tofu chili at Himalayan Cafe & Grill in Santa Rosa
Tofu chili at Himalayan Cafe & Grill in Santa Rosa

The only miss: Very tough cubes of chicken in our Tikka Masala. We’re willing to forgive and forget, however, since the other dishes were so impressive.

Tofu chili at Himalayan Cafe & Grill in Santa Rosa
Pakora at Himalayan Cafe & Grill in Santa Rosa

1880 Mendocino Ave, Suite D, Santa Rosa, Open for lunch and dinner, but closed Sunday.

daal at Tofu chili at Himalayan Cafe & Grill in Santa Rosa
daal at Himalayan Cafe & Grill in Santa Rosa

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5 thoughts on “CLOSED: Himalayan Cafe and Grill

  1. Just had lunch there today. I’m old enough to know that a great food experience is more than just great food it’s also about everything you bring in the door with you. Your mood whether your mate was nice to you that morning so many things. Maybe I was just having a great day but the Chicken Tika Masala plate was one of the five best meals I ever had. The lintel soup was perfection and the garlic naan was the best I ever had. One of those meals that I may never try again knowing that nothing could ever be that good a second time. This place deserves the highest possible accolades. The chicken was super moist and tender try it again Heather!

  2. So any 411 on the other new Himalayan place? Looks like Yeti on Hway 12 near Farmers Lane opened this week.

  3. So, is this the same location as the other Indian place in that strip mall, but new owners/dishes? Tandoori Express was horrible, and then the Indian place that took over after Tandoori Expressed closed (maybe a year ago?) was okay but had terrible naan bread so we never went. Hopefully this place is BRAND new and worth trying.

  4. Wow. This is a nice “get” for Santa Rosa is the food is the same quality as what I’ve eaten in Windsor.

    Thanks for the tip bite club.

    BTW, Mombo’s is right there, with pizza by the slice, if one person in your group wants something different in a “to go” run, and there’s a great video store that is an easy stroll from both.

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