Guy’s Big Fakeout Site

Here's what happens when a programmer buys the URL for your restaurant

guymenuHere’s what happens when  you fail to secure all the relevant URLs fo your big time New York City restaurant.

Apparently a NYC programmer bought the domain and posted a fake (or maybe re-imagined?) menu for Guy Fieri’s Times Square eatery, Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar. Among the offerings Football: The Meal (hamburgers thrown at you from 40 yards), Guy’s Big Balls (four-pound Rice-a-Roni balls) and a deep-fried snake with a sparkler and picture of David Lee Roth.

Juvenile? Yes. Hilarious? Yes. Embarrassing for Guy? Probably not. Call it even more publicity for the restaurant that’s been nothing but a publicity magnet since it opened.



9 thoughts on “Guy’s Big Fakeout Site

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  2. I think this is pretty funny. The fact that Guy was too stupid to register the domain name for his own restaurant, and that he makes the world’s worst food, just leaves him open for all sorts of mockery. He brought it on himself.

  3. I think people who snatch other people’s domain names – for fun or profit- are lower than pond scum and truly pathetic. Some do it for ransom which is currently legal and sometimes able to be kept secret,but I guessing not forever so just wait and we’ll all know who’s a lowlife. This isn’t even veryfunny . If whoever wrote it wants a job with the Onion they didn’t get it.

    1. I agree for a small business that it’s kind of awful. I also think taking a web URL for ransom is pretty mean. But here’s the thing…it isn’t 1997 anymore and a company as big as Guy’s needs to do its homework. Most large companies secure hundreds of domains, if not thousands to protect their brand. Also, the page was clearly a satire (if a bit juvenile). It would have been a lot less funny to buy the domain and park porn or something truly insidious (which I’ll be happens soon — there’s a lot of links and a lot of money to be made).

      1. Kind of awful? Mean? Disgusting and unethcal. And the size of his, um, company is no excuse for what should be considered illegal behavior. Let’s not excuse scumbaggery for fsir game. Really.

    2. Not nearly as pathetic as someone who thinks domain names are really that big of a deal. Yeah, someone taking a domain name is seriously a crisis of epic proportions and trumps all possible evils and wrong doings that exist in the world today. Get a grip.

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