Great Pizza Poll

The Great Pizza Poll

As a former resident of both New York and Chicago, I’ve purposely laid a bit low on the whole Wine Country pizza debate.

For one thing, the definition of pizza ’round these parts is almost impossible to nail down. Is a salad on top of pizza crust a pizza? Is goat cheese and arugula? And, come on, what’s with the whole wheat crust thing?

other issue? I’ve been mostly underwhelmed with the cardboard and gluey
cheese horrors I’ve frequently found being passed off as pizza. Sorry,
but putting spaghetti sauce on a frozen crust ain’t pizza. Yep. I just threw down that glove.

There are some notable exceptions:
Rosso’s wood-fired pizzas. Fresh mozzarella, garlic, tomatoes-come on.
NYPie: Solid New York style. But no slices?
Bistro Don Giovanni: Fig and prosciutto.
Odyssey: Arugula was never so good on a pizza
Mombo’s: A slice of pesto never lets me down

So I pose the question to you, BiteClubbers. What’s the best slice of pie in the North Bay? White or red, clams or pepperoni? From New York style to California, Chicago or Sicilian, what rocks our little corner of the world? Is a wood-fired oven a necessity? Am I just crazy? Is there some truly outstanding pizza to be found in Sonoma?

Have at it.

Need somewhere to start? Peter Lowell’s in Sebastopol throws open the doors on Oct. 6 (Saturday) and promises to have some killer pies. Check out my preview. Or, be the first to lend your opinion about this mostly-vegetarian, all-organic newcomer.

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2 thoughts on “Great Pizza Poll

  1. I did try the Red Grape,just off of the Plaza in Sonoma. Because they advertised’New Haven’style and apprenticing at Pepe’s(one of the holy pizza places in New Haven).There were indeed photos of Pepe’s on the wall. Friendly staff,lovely courtyard garden; we were there in June. I ordered a Caesar salad and a white clam(biacna) pizza-told the waitperson that I had grown up eating at Pepe’s and Sally’s and was looking forwrd to their efforts! HIgh expectations! The salad was perfect-torn leaves,anchovies and good parmesan and croutons. There is no salad served at New Have pizza joints! The pizza was rectangular,but lunch size much smaller than a Pepe’s pie! Good clams and olive oil,but not the same! I know that it is very hard to replicate regional specialties as the flour and water used are different. The Red Grape is a good spot and I do recommend it for a very nice meal,and I intend to try some of their other lunch specialties.

  2. Posted By: Renee (06/08/2008 12:54:38 PM)
    Comment: The New Yorker in Petaluma has the best pizza in town. It’s a small, family owned business. Each pizza is made with pride and care.
    Posted By: katie (10/07/2008 8:52:21 PM)
    Comment: Mombos, Old Chicago, pinkys and marys FAP (Fall apart pizza) are all good but my ultimate favorite is round tables vegatarian supreme- eat in and enjoy the salad bar while you are there!
    Posted By: pizza jim (08/07/2008 5:22:02 PM)
    Comment: Red boy pizza. The orginall was in Larkspur, and San Rafael. Petuluma came way late, but at least they came.
    Posted By: Paulie Gee (27/05/2008 4:25:56 PM)
    Comment: If you want to find out whether you need a wood fired oven to make good pizza, make the trip to San Fran and head to 18th and Guerrero in the Mission District and check out Pizzeria Delfina. If the trek is too much for you then just check out my pictures and see if you can tell: Ciao, Paulie Gee
    Posted By: Pizza Guy (23/05/2008 2:35:27 PM)
    Comment: Borolos is really good, Mountain Mike has a hit and miss menu, but when it hits its good. Pinky’s yeah right 🙁 If that’s your idea of good pizza just stay home and heat up a Red Barons frozen pie, Union Hotel in Occidental yes, on Mission in Santa Rosa yes, G&G shopping center NO. Lococo’s in Terra Linda and Amechi’s in San Rafael are the best (just in case Ralfh Barbearia is reading). As anyone born between 1950 and 1980 about Lococo’s then go and slip into a pizza coma 🙂 that good
    Posted By: Try Graffiti’s in Petaluma (23/05/2008 2:28:45 PM)
    Comment: Just spent my anniversary having dinner their. Wife ordered the Chicken Pesto on flat bread pizza, FANTASTIC. I normaly don’t go for fancy pizza I’m your typical Mountain Mikes Supreme kid of guy but I had two slices it was so good.
    Posted By: Pizza (03/05/2008 5:46:15 PM)
    Comment: Mombo’s – Went downhill in the service department so I have not been back in a while Old Chicago – OK 6/10 Pinky’s – OK sometimes bad at others Mary’s PIzza Shack – 9/10 Union Hotel – Never had pizza there, dinners are ok but pricey depending on what you order La Vera- 7/10 Rosso’s – Never been, but I am going soon!
    Posted By: D.V. (09/04/2008 10:58:40 AM)
    Comment: No one has yet mentioned the bake your own HUGE pizza from Costco – it is sooooo good and has fresh everything on it. Have to cut it in half to bake. So big the whole thing won’t fit in the oven. Can’t beat the price either. For those with a card, check it out next time you go shopping.
    Posted By: Jamer (28/03/2008 10:20:58 PM)
    Comment: Mambos was our favorite, but the service has gone down the drain.. Tonight was the last time we go there….the smart aleck girl behind the counter forgot my salad & my drink, then let our to go pizza sit on top of the oven while I sat right there waiting (AGAIN)– she had written the name wrong and wasn’t smart enough to connect the pizza witht the ONE person sitting there waiting for a pizza. Even after I guessed that it was our izza sitting there getting chewy, I had to spend time convincing her that we realy had ordered the 1/2 pesto! Urghhhh. We are looking for a new favorite!!!
    Posted By: xtinaznap (10/03/2008 5:34:59 PM)
    Comment: As a former Jersey girl, NY Pie is my favorite, the most like the pizza I grew up with, very authentic NY style pizza. Can be a bit too cheesy for my tastes, so I always order light cheese, and it comes out perfect. I like Mombo’s too, but sometimes the re-heated pizza slices seem to have been sitting out too long, and the quality diminishes greatly. Rosso’s is my other favorite for Italian (from Italy) style pizza. By the way, if you feel like traveling, the absolute BEST NY style pizza I’ve ever had in the Bay Area (and believe me, I’ve searched) is at a tiny hole-in-the-wall at 16th and Valencia in SF called Aranelle’s. NY Pie is great, but Aranelle’s is the BOMB…worth the trip even for a hole-in-the-wall.
    Posted By: Scott (07/03/2008 2:38:39 PM)
    Comment: Pinky’s is by far the best! Old Chicago is good but not worth the price and you gotta LOVE excess dough
    Posted By: mark (07/03/2008 2:01:22 PM)
    Comment: simply delicious is a great pizza resturant, however the owners policy on taking tips rather than a tip being left has left my famiy and I in search of a new Pizza resturant were the pizza is just as good and Where we don’t get ripped off. We were regulars at Simply Delicious for almost two years, driving from one side of town to the other in search of good pie, up until a new waiter automatily took a $5 tip. When I called and spoke with the owner he stated and I quote “sometime we just do that”. After that I told him we won’t be going back, to which he replied, “if that’s why you won’t come back, that’s sad.” You know what’s sad to me, is that here you have the owner of a business, telling his employees to take money-that’s not theirs-and then telling customers that’s just the way we do business. I’m shocked they are still around.
    Posted By: Ray (27/02/2008 11:58:30 AM)
    Comment: I have been to every great pizza place in the city of Chicago and NOT A SINGLE ONE can touch our Old Chicago Pizza. If you are going to eat thick crust pizza, then it is ALL ABOUT THE CRUST….and our Old Chicago’s is THE BEST
    Posted By: pizza-gut (13/02/2008 9:25:15 PM)
    Comment: mombos has BURNED my last two takeout orders not crisp, BURNED. other than that a great pizza. just make sure when you place an order. make sure to say NO burn please
    Posted By: Brad (27/01/2008 1:52:22 AM)
    Comment: Pinky’s has let me down, been eating pizza there for months, got a pizza with a flat chewy crust…dead yeast, old dough problem so crust doesn’t rise…brought it to the pizza maker’s attention and he just laughs it off and says the dough is a living thing…sometimes it’s pooped out…no replacement…no let me fix it or make you another…thought it was a fluke occurrence and it happened another night. Now I have found Romeo’s on E. Washington it is truly comparable to pizza in San Francisco’s North Beach, and Gourmet in Santa Rosa is a close second.
    Posted By: chase6005 (18/01/2008 9:42:00 AM)
    Comment: I can’t believe that nobody even mentioned Pinky’s in Petaluma….certainly beats any of the chains – just good classic pizza made fresh just for you.
    Posted By: Samantha (16/01/2008 3:31:47 PM)
    Comment: Old Chicago is the best
    Posted By: ccaldewey (14/01/2008 10:11:07 PM)
    Comment: Fregene’s! OMG the communion-wafer-thin yet flavorful crust and those amazing toppings! Light on cheese but rich in flavor–the chipotle chicken is really out of this world, but so are all pies I’ve tried. Better in the shop than brought home (ditto on Mambo’s).One of the best not-from-scratch Caesar Salads I’ve had. And the restaurant in Cotati is pleasant, all of the staff is friendly and efficient. There are now 4 restaurants: Petaluma, Cotati, Sebastopol and the newest one in Novato. Evidently, Chef/owner Glenn Cybulski is planning to “go franchise”; I sure hope this doesn’t affect the quality of those excellent pizzas!!
    Posted By: Mark_bites (11/01/2008 9:32:18 PM)
    Comment: Awesome suggestions! Thank you Bite Club. New York Pie was incredible, with excellent “stand over” style pizza. La Vera still has great “knife and fork” pizze; and Union Hotel can’t be beat for delivered pizza. (I would have missed Union completly; and had a great $12 pie at my door on Tuesay night, their discount day).
    Posted By: Naomi (19/12/2007 6:35:31 AM)
    Comment: Don’t forget about Union Hotel’s pizza, they make an awesome pizza (it reheats great the next day also), especially the crust. Althought the Hawaiian pizza leaves alot to be desired with their cut up regular ham and pineapple, all the other ones I have had have been great, my favorite is the peperoni and black olives. Check it out, now they have a third location in Rincon Valley. Tuesday nights they have a special on their two topping, extra large pizzas, to go.
    Posted By: Sandra (19/11/2007 10:33:04 AM)
    Comment: Are you joking? Pizzeria Grillo and Mambos is the worst pizza I have ever had! In fact, I’m surprised they stay in business.
    Posted By: Upstate New Yorkers (17/10/2007 8:07:04 PM)
    Comment: We think Pizzios on West Third and Fulton serves the most authentic New York pizza in Sonoma County.
    Posted By: beth (16/10/2007 9:38:30 AM)
    Comment: try marys pizza shack. never had a bad thing there ever. have been eating there over 20 years.
    Posted By: Tony Bag-O-Doughnuts (15/10/2007 4:53:43 PM)
    Comment: What is the big deal with Mombos?? I can get a box of saltine crackers, slap some sauce and cheese on it, and have it sit at room temperature while the flys surround it and the tatooted and pierced workers breath over it? Oh boy, yummy. Where is the Health Department when you need them?
    Posted By: Pepperoni Pete (14/10/2007 12:23:16 PM)
    Comment: I HAVE to tell you, Pizzeria Grillo in Bennett Valley has the BEST PIZZA. It is NOT NY style (real thin), a little thicker, but FULL of FLAVOR!! Lots of very creative specialty pizzas which I am working my way DOWN the LIST! Very nice comfortable place to sit down, outdoor dining, CUTE staff, and lots of BEER on TAP!! Check it out and let me know.
    Posted By: Pendolino (14/10/2007 10:52:18 AM)
    Comment: I have to be a dissenter on Mombo’s. Last week, I ordered one of their combos (sausage, mushroom, peppers, and pepperoni) to eat in at the store in Sebastopol. When it arrived, the center was awash with water from the vegetables, making the first third of all of the slice points limp and soggy. Yuck. The outside crust was flavorful and chewy, the topping nicely balanced between sauce, meats, vegetables, and cheese, but the lack of precooking the mushrooms and peppers and ridding them of their excess water wrecked the entire pie experience. Cannot rate Mombo’s at the upper level of the SoCo pizza experiences.
    Posted By: Michelle (14/10/2007 9:15:57 AM)
    Comment: I tried the much talked about pizza at Mombos last night. It was delicious. Much to my surprise they deliver too…so, I believe I will be calling them instead of our old delivery pizza Round Table. Several of Mombos customers are ordering pesto pizza. Next time I am trying that one for sure, seems I am the last to know about this award winning pesto. Anyhow, if it wasn’t for all you bloggers who raved about Mombos I would’ve never tried the little hole in the wall pizza joint! Thanks!
    Posted By: Amy (12/10/2007 2:13:43 PM)
    Comment: I absolutely adore the NEW YORKER in Petaluma on Petaluma Blvd. The crust is nice and thin and the cheese is thick. Wonderful!!!!
    Posted By: MsSteak (11/10/2007 10:13:40 PM)
    Comment: Natasha: The Red Grape in Sonoma has a photo of the Pepe’s sign on their wall! The owners are from that area. They make what they call “New Haven Style Pizza”. Give them a try …
    Posted By: natasha (11/10/2007 6:05:39 PM)
    Comment: I like the Zorba pizza at Adorno’s on the Plaza in Guerneville(they are also in Forestville).It features delcious spinach,feta,fresh tomatos,garlic and pepperoncini-zesty! Decent crust,too. The Union Hotel in Occidental turns out a good clam/garlic pie and I sometimes go for 1/2 pesto and the clams.Crust is also quite good. I grew up eating the best pizza in the world at Pepe’s and Sally’s on Wooster New Haven, Connecticut-fabulous!We make pilgrimmages- divine!
    Posted By: KG (11/10/2007 4:35:52 PM)
    Comment: Old Chicago is my all time favorite but to dine-in it’s just to hot and noisy, get to go! Pinkys is fabulous a Petaluma institution! Pizzacato has not impressed me yet and they are way too pricey, Fregene’s newly open on Pet Blvd. is supposed to be great, haven’t tried it yet….
    Posted By: scbbbc (10/10/2007 8:04:43 PM)
    Comment: union hotel shrimp pizza ny pie to is good and amys food is not bad to
    Posted By: Christine (10/10/2007 7:47:16 PM)
    Comment: My two favorites; Old Chicago in Petaluma and Home Run Pizza in Larkfield. Both are the best…..and both have great salads and drinks. 🙂
    Posted By: Valerie (09/10/2007 6:58:59 PM)
    Comment: Best place to sit down and have a pizza: Old Chicago in Petaluma. Best take-out/delivery: Borolos – tons of innvoative, interesting flavors, and they do a great job on the classics, too. The also make killer salads.
    Posted By: MsSteak (09/10/2007 7:50:57 AM)
    Comment: Thin Crust/Gourmet: THE RED GRAPE in Sonoma. Deep Dish: OLD CHICAGO in Petaluma. Classic Pie: PINKY’S in Petaluma.
    Posted By: Jimbo (09/10/2007 7:48:13 AM)
    Comment: Domino’s is the best. Little ceasar’s just a bit behind. Can’t beat 5 buck pizza.
    Posted By: Fried Clams (08/10/2007 10:06:38 PM)
    Comment: Grillos in Bennett Valley, clearly the best in my opinion. Love the sicilian BLT with proscuitto and spinach!! The buffalo wings are just short of authentic.
    Posted By: Juno of Healdsburg (08/10/2007 9:48:01 PM)
    Comment: Di’Vine in Healdsburg best pizza? I really want to know if it’s the best pizza, but they have some serious service problems that are keeping me from ever finding out. As some may know, Di’Vine has relocated to the old Tip Top Bar location in Healdsburg. It seems during the transitional stage of their move, they missed the target date, but didn’t bother to set up a phone message to inform anyone that might call in an order. When I called, on several ocassions, the phone just rang and rang. I didn’t give up, several weeks later, I called again, and this time someone picked up the phone…but just as quickly, hung it up. I persisted, and called back. This time, they answered and put me on hold. After 8 minutes, I placed my standard pizza pie order – 3 toppings, thin crust. She said “25 minutes”. I said ok, I’ll see ya then. I arrived 30 minutes later, for insurance. When I walked in, I could not find any clear sign for the pick up area for orders. Standing around for a few minutes, someone finally directed me to the end counter area. Lots of people standing around, but no one was there to help me. I just blurted out to a young guy that appeared to be waiting for something to do. I said “I’m here for my pizza order to go.” He asked my name, and then looked around for my order. BINGO, it was right on the counter in front of us! Unfortunately, it was right were the girl that took my order dropped it. Other than me, and her, and now the young man that found it, no one in the kitchen had seen it! I was told by the young man, “I’m so sorry, but it looks like it will be another 45 minutes.” They didn’t even put me to the front, I was back in line! Seeing that no one appeared to be in charge, or willing to be in charge at this point, I just cancelled and left. Before I left, I took a pit stop into the Ladies room. I see that the remodel didn’t make it to the Ladies room. It looks like the ghost of the Tip Top Bar still lives on in the dirty dingy bathroom. For this Healdsburgian, too much frustration for a slice-o-pie.
    Posted By: gelly (08/10/2007 5:48:48 PM)
    Comment: Bella Luma in Petaluma has the BEST gelato!
    Posted By: Thomas (08/10/2007 4:28:43 PM)
    Comment: Pizzicato, relatively new in town but gaining allot of notariety already. Placed 2nd in Best of Petaluma after being in business only 6 mo’s.
    Posted By: Pep Eroni (08/10/2007 4:18:41 PM)
    Comment: Well my dear Wojamo, not only does Pizzeria Grillo have the best PIZZA, but they also have GELATO!!
    Posted By: Hazy Fon (08/10/2007 3:27:50 PM)
    Comment: Borolos is on Mission at Hwy 12 in Rincon Valley, near Starbucks and the China Room. Their ever-changing monthly specials are delicious!
    Posted By: Wojamo (08/10/2007 2:56:01 PM)
    Comment: Where’s Borolos? Suggestion for follow-up article: Best ice cream/gelato. I miss good gelato so much! Tango gelato in SF is too far. Anything similar nearby?
    Posted By: N.P. (08/10/2007 2:33:12 PM)
    Comment: NYPie for sure… but if I can’t make it Sant Rosa Di’Vine will do.
    Posted By: zack (08/10/2007 2:03:01 PM)
    Comment: Di’Vine in Healdsburg hands down
    Posted By: Hazy Fon (08/10/2007 12:19:03 PM)
    Comment: Borolos for sure.
    Posted By: Tracey (08/10/2007 11:21:49 AM)
    Comment: BOROLOS!!!!
    Posted By: kfeeney (08/10/2007 11:04:40 AM)
    Comment: Pizzeria Grillo’s! Hands down. Best pizza! Great surroundings and their other entrees are to die for! If you haven’t tried it yet, make sure you do. It’s in Bennet Valley next to Safeway!!!
    Posted By: psycat90 (08/10/2007 8:51:18 AM)
    Comment: I go back and forth. Sometimes NYPie is at the top of my list, sometimes Mombo’s is. Russian River Brewing’s are a solid third, and I think Rosso’s pies are delicious. As a NJ native, I was very, very happy when NYPie opened, but I really don’t understand the ‘no slices’ thing. Mombo’s is also delicious and very close to NY/NJ pizza, and with slices, making it a true pizzeria in my book.
    Posted By: Joni (08/10/2007 8:34:25 AM)
    Comment: Rosso’s pizza is truly a taste of Italy. Well balanced, excellent crust and fresh ingredients. The North Bay’s best!
    Posted By: Mark (07/10/2007 7:08:33 PM)
    Comment: pizza in moderation isn’t going to make you fat. You don’t eat a slice once a week and become The Nutty Professor. You drink one glass of wine and you’re ok, drink the bottle and you’ll get drunk…Catch the drift? We ALL know that dough and cheese and meat are high in fat and carbs. But go to the country of origin, ITALY and you can count the number of obese people on one hand. Moderation and exercise. Trying to quit all foods that might be “bad for you” will only lead you back to them. Anyway this is a pizza review poll not The Biggest Loser so let’s get back to that great thing we call PIZZA!
    Posted By: Domenic (07/10/2007 6:16:07 PM)
    Comment: Pizzeria Grillo is the best hidden little secret in Santa Rosa people. I suggest all of you take a ride to Bennett Valley, and try what is going to be the best, and rock your world. Funny thing is not only the pizza is incredible, but their pastas are off the hook. No payment for this advertisement, but before you start shooting your mouths about these other guys, give it a try.
    Posted By: Vince (07/10/2007 11:55:17 AM)
    Comment: NYPie is easily the best.
    Posted By: S.P. (07/10/2007 11:19:39 AM)
    Comment: I am gonna go out on a limb and say the best pizza in town is at SYRAH — the flatbread of the day made by Chef Gabe — It has never let me down! Go try it out – you will not be disapointed!
    Posted By: Dena (07/10/2007 8:58:46 AM)
    Comment: As much as I and everyone else loves-loves-loves pizza (I believe the most popular food in the world), I’ve unfortunately for some time now had to eliminate it in its entirety from my diet. It’s so delicious (why its popularity); however, not worth the extremely high grams of fat content and calorie count. If you look at the back of any frozen pizza in the supermarket you’ll see how horribly high the fat content is and calories, and I’ve found after I eat any I’m left feeling tired, sluggish, lazy, bloated. It’s all the fattening cheeses, fatty meats, sauce (if not tomato sauce based) and toppings (excluding vegetable topping such as green peppers and the like). To me it’s important to eat clean and light, feel better and help control weight. I don’t like gaining weight, and after eating pizza I feel like I do, thus have had to unfortunately just 86 eating pizza anymore all together, sorry I cannot add my two cents to recommend my favorite pizza place but just wanted to give my input re pizza to all you pizza-lovers out there, that you pay a price for it, gaining weight, feeling sluggish, just too high in fat. Again, next time in the supermarket look at the back of any frozen pizza and see how high the content is in grams of fat and calories so you see what I’m talking about. However, if you’re one of the lucky ones out there that can eat whatever you want/whenever you want and don’t gain an ounce, lucky you. :-).
    Posted By: nilson (07/10/2007 8:01:41 AM)
    Comment: Two places that shouldbe mentioned are The Chef’s Gourmet Pizza Co in Windsor for great sauce and a nice chewy crust and Pinkys in Peteluma for a slice with wonderful crunch that never droops
    Posted By: Chip (06/10/2007 10:57:51 PM)
    Comment: Guys.. MOMBOS is simply the BEST and as a person who has worked at both round table and MOMBOS and is a Pizza Freak, i can tell u all that Mombos is truly incredible and the closest yull ever get to real east coast pizza unless u travel to NY yourself.
    Posted By: Petaluma Sue (06/10/2007 3:49:15 PM)
    Comment: A Petaluma secret is Brick’s Pizza in the Landmark building! Excellent thin crust pizza, great selection of the usual and the unusal. Great date spot! Old Chicago of course! and although they are a chain, Pizzacato does make good pizza, and killer salads!
    Posted By: Katherine Graham Cracker (06/10/2007 11:19:11 AM)
    Comment: NY Pie but Mombo’s for just a slice
    Posted By: Duke (06/10/2007 10:32:40 AM)
    Comment: Pizza Grillo makes wonderful pizza. The crust is the perfect mix of crunchy and thick. They also make bomb buffalo wings. They need to open a store on the west side of town.
    Posted By: Mark (06/10/2007 9:38:43 AM)
    Comment: Maaaaaaan I had no idea Mombo’s was even still around! (I JUST moved back to Santa Rosa)…I remember going there when I was a teenager and that tall blond skinny guy would keep it open late. Can anyone tell me if he’s still the owner?
    Posted By: Sandy (06/10/2007 8:29:18 AM)
    Comment: One of the best “unknown” pizzas in Santa Rosa is Pizzios, in the shopping center at 3rd and Fulton. The flavor of the sauce and good ingredients is really superb. The owner, Roger, makes the pizzas and we really suggest you try it for something wayyyy better than anything I’ve ever had from a chain, and most pizzerias. Also, I’ve been to Pizzacato in Portland, so I imagine the Petaluma Pizzacato is also good.
    Posted By: johng (06/10/2007 7:45:54 AM)
    Comment: Have to agree with MarkE. Depends a lot on the style you like. For example, my eight-year-old, likes the greasy cheesy cardboard style, so his favorite is Roundtable. The video games don’t hurt either. My ten-year-old would sell his parents for a loaf of fresh baked bread, so he loves the doughy style of Mary’s Pizza Shack. I spent 10 years in NY eating pretty much nothing but Original Ray’s pie, so I do in fact love NYPie, which gets that style (though of course there are several styles in NY) almost perfectly right. But I have also spent some time in Italy, and I gotta tell you, I’ve never tasted anything better there than the Uvo Pizza at Rosso. That is the fricking bomb! Bovolo’s wild mushroom pizza is just about as good.
    Posted By: Michelle (05/10/2007 9:45:13 PM)
    Comment: Mombo’s — the little “take-out” place on Mendocino Ave?? Best Pizza, seriously?? Geesh… I am shocked!! I guess I’ll have to try it…. talk about not judging a book by its cover. That place is the perfect example of hole in the wall! We eat pizza at LEAST 2 times a week. I love, love, love the Funghi pizza at Rosso’s, but I admit we order delivery pizza the most. Out of all the delivery pizza’s out there our favorite is Round Table (Montecito). BUT… that is only “delivered” pizza. I wish Mary’s would make a better Pizza, I love the rest of their menu, but the pizza is awful, so soggy, and heavy..not well balanced with the toppings either. Sorry.
    Posted By: MarkE (05/10/2007 7:38:41 PM)
    Comment: Now the best pizza question cannot be answered without establishing that pizzas belong in certain categories. For wood-fired, elegant pizza that balances the delicate flavors of fresh and often subtle toppings and delivers on the promise of perfect crust, I have to go with Rosso’s. Having said this, I don’t crave this style of pizza often enough to make it my favorite kind. My favorite kind of pizza is deep dish — Chicago-style — pizza and you just can’t find it in Sonoma County. Yea, been to Old Chicago — nice try, but no cigar. Try swinging by Zachary’s in Oakland and Berkeley the next time your driving home through the East Bay or back from the Oakland Airport and you’ll know what I mean. Now, the pizza that I most often crave is New York style pizza: thin crust (crunchy on the bottom) with enough sauce to be the dominant flavor and fresh toppings and the right balance of cheese to accent the sauce. For a while I thought that NY Pie was getting me my fix but it was too often soggy by the time I got home and the sausage lacked the flavor to overcome the tasty sauce. I have come to believe that Mombo’s is the best New York style pizza in town — nice flavorful crust with a solid sauce, the perfect amount of cheese and excellent toppings. The salads are generous there as well and the dressings have that pizza parlor zest that is punched up enough to be perfect companion to flavorful pizza. I do find the 12 inch travels better and is less likely to produce soggy tips on ends of the slices.
    Posted By: JS (05/10/2007 7:27:55 PM)
    Comment: Rosso’s Pizza is super YUMMY – I vote for Rosso’s all way!!!
    Posted By: Petalumapizzagirl (05/10/2007 5:59:29 PM)
    Comment: I agree with the reader who commented on Joel and Naomi’s portable pizza delicious! Hope they’ll be at the farmers market next year.
    Posted By: Jay (05/10/2007 5:35:01 PM)
    Comment: Common people, you cant beat round table combo!!!!!
    Posted By: andria (05/10/2007 5:17:26 PM)
    Comment: Mombo’s is probably the best in SR, but it can’t beat Old Chicago. I thought this would be a blowout for them! So, so good. And I hate to say it but Round Table makes some good pizza too. Nothing like a little pepperoni and garlic when you want some simple greasy goodness.
    Posted By: Charlie (05/10/2007 5:09:13 PM)
    Comment: Rosso’s is absolutely killer… But you can’t really compare Mombo’s pesto pizza with anything else!
    Posted By: Erica (05/10/2007 4:12:40 PM)
    Comment: I absolutly LOVE Capparra’s Pizzeria in Penngrove, great sauce lots of garlic and cooked to perfection in a wood fire oven. yummy….
    Posted By: mickie87 (05/10/2007 3:57:39 PM)
    Comment: NY Pie is the best around.
    Posted By: suzanne (05/10/2007 3:57:07 PM)
    Comment: I vote for Mambo’s clam-garlic pizza. If you add pesto to that, it is heaven on earth…
    Posted By: pickypizzaeater (05/10/2007 3:12:28 PM)
    Comment: Joel and Naomi Baker who run their very own pizza oven at private parties and also at local farmers markets including the very excellent Wed night market in Petaluma. Their fresh and all organic pizza is the best!
    Posted By: Sandy’s Take & Bake is the way (05/10/2007 2:31:24 PM)
    Comment: to go if you’re gonna get take and bake. The thing weighs about five pounds goin out the door and everthing is fresh. Been goin there for years, never disappointed. In the Town and Country center by Pacific Market.
    Posted By: Wulfstan (05/10/2007 1:47:56 PM)
    Comment: I generally agree. Our long-time favourite is Mombo’s, esp. for their pesto pizza, which is absolutely wonderful and one we periodically need to have. We also love NY Pie all-round, and Rosso’s is simply outstanding. I can’t say which we like best & we think that Mombo’s & NY Pie are in a different category than Rosso’s really. They don’t really fill the same role. I’d say it’s a tie amongst them.
    Posted By: Wojamo (05/10/2007 1:30:07 PM)
    Comment: I agree about Rosso- GREAT pizza. But, I can’t believe nobody has mentioned Old Chicago! Sure, one slice and you’ve clogged all of your major arteries… but it’s worth it!
    Posted By: Mark (05/10/2007 1:08:36 PM)
    Comment: Having also traveled to Italy, it has to be understood that American Classic pizza differs GREATLY from genuine Italian pizza. In Italy, simplicity is the key where as here we seem to have a “more the better” attitude. (Just check our waistlines). But for good American style I vote NY Pie’s “Godfather” pizza..Oh and if I ever eat a wheat crust pizza please hunt me down and slap me
    Posted By: Cj (05/10/2007 12:58:11 PM)
    Comment: Pizzicato, next to Whole Foods in Petaluma. They have great thin crust plus use tons of fresh ingredients. Ask for a frequent buyer card, buy 10 get 1 free….always good, especially with football season just starting.
    Posted By: Mariann (05/10/2007 12:10:38 PM)
    Comment: My husband & I very serious about pizza. We’ve traveled the world in search of the best and we have a wood fired oven in our back yard. We’ve eaten at Da Michele & Di Matteo in Naples,Italy. We think Rosso’s Pizzeria serves the best in the North Bay!Their pizza is like a little slice of heaven!!
    Posted By: jeff and susan (05/10/2007 12:08:13 PM)
    Comment: Odyssey is hands down the best pizza. The closest you will find to Da Michele in Naples, IT.

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