Goji Kitchen | Santa Rosa

Goji Kitchen in Santa Rosa marries Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese classics with a focus on healthy eating

For more than a decade, Goji Kitchen, has ranked among the best Asian kitchens in Sonoma County. It’s one of my favorites too, especially for walnut prawns.

The Santa Rosa JC-neighborhood restaurant serves a mix of Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese dishes, featuring bbq short ribs, clay pot rice, orange peel sesame chicken, spring rolls, pho and more than 40 others, including Wor Wonton soup. Ingredients are high-quality and include plenty of vegetarian options.

Locals tend to order takeout here, though the dining room is a comfortable modern and minimal, space with the tinkling fountain keeping the whole experience very zen-like.

Goji Kitchen, 1965 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, gojikitchen.com/dinner-menu