The French Laundry Lottery?

Buy a scratcher, win a dinner at French Laundry. Wow. Really. Just wow.

lottoLotto tickets + French Laundry = A magical friendship?

So okay, let’s just come right out and say it. When did “foodies” become a new lotto demographic? (Okay, there was this guy with the “sweet tooth”.)

Not to say that I’m not giving an Emerald Scratcher some serious consideration. Because I mean…it is the French Laundry and that’s some serious cheddar. But…oh man. Thomas must be cringing.

If you can’t handle all the exclamation points, the gist is that you buy an Emerald 10 scratcher lotto ticket and take a picture of yourself with it. Then write in 500 characters (roughly 100 words) the who and why of the person you want to share it with.

Lotto mania ensues.


Calling out all Foodies! The California Lottery is proud to offer a promotion unlike anything we’ve ever offered before.

Beginning January 5, 2015 the Lottery will begin its Ultimate Foodie Experience promotion that can only whet your appetite. The lucky winner will receive an 18-course tasting menu at the world renowned THE FRENCH LAUNDRY restaurant in the Napa Valley! This dining event for two starts off with a bottle of champagne. Then enjoy Chef/Owner Thomas Keller’s amazing meal paired with wines selected by THE FRENCH LAUNDRY Sommeliers.

Food aficionados are well aware that THE FRENCH LAUNDRY is a three-star Michelin Guide restaurant and it is considered one of the top 50 gourmet restaurants in the world.

“We’re pleased to give California Lottery players a chance to taste what it’s all about. Throughout our history, the California Lottery has offered our players a variety of prizes that gives them additional opportunities to win big,” said Russ Lopez, Deputy Director of Corporate Communications. “What better way to celebrate California, our farm-to-fork movement and one of the world’s best restaurants than to offer them the ultimate THE FRENCH LAUNDRY experience. If you love food, then buy a ticket, take a chance and join the ultimate ‘foodie’ club!’”

Starting January 5, participants must purchase the Lottery’s Emerald 10’s Scratchers® ticket (image below). Our (hopefully) hungry customers will then have to take a photo of themselves clearly showing off the Emerald 10’s Scratchers ticket. They must send us that photo with the best caption they’ve even written telling us who they’d share this exceptional dinner with and why. The caption must not exceed 500 characters (not words). Don’t worry, our submission form will not let you go over 500 characters! It’s that easy! Sorry creative people, the photo cannot be Photoshopped! All the final details of this exciting promotion will be unveiled at or around Jan. 1.

Hold on! If that isn’t enough to make you run out and buy an Emerald 10’s Scratchers ticket, consider that we’re throwing in a two-night stay at a Napa Valley spa and resort! You’ll be picked up from the hotel by one of THE FRENCH LAUNDRY’S custom BMW cars, and Chef Keller will wind up your night with a special personal gift!

 THE FRENCH LAUNDRY is considered one of the top 50 restaurants in the world and has earned top honors in the prestigious Michelin Guide book. Michelin has been awarding 0-3 stars to restaurants around the world since the early 1900s, with a three-star rating considered the ultimate international recognition in the culinary world.