Free KFC?

Free KFC grilled chicken

kfc1.jpgOh, a crisis of conscience on this one…heck with it. Free chicken is free chicken.

Here’s the deal: Kentucky Fried Chicken has this new grilled chicken meal. I actually went and had it this weekend, and I won’t lie to you, it was not that bad. I’m not saying you can’t get a whole lot better local, organic, free-range chicken from a Sonoma County restaurant, etc. etc.

But let’s be totally honest. The vast majority of us have hit a bucket hard at least once in our lives. And thanks to the Oprah show, you can actually get a FREE KENTUCKY GRILLED CHICKEN meal from now until 5/19 provided you can actually get in and print the coupon out.

Click here, or go to for the details.

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9 thoughts on “Free KFC?

  1. it seems odd that Oprah would promote eating at KFC when their greasy food is so contrary to all her other dieting advice

  2. And now KFC admits that they could not handle the demand for free chicken, from the millions of coupons that got printed!
    Somebody in the company apparently did not realize that coupons could be printed multiple times by anyone who is a little bit computer savvy. How? CLUE: It has to do with cookies…and NOT the kind you eat!
    Also, it’s likely some coupons were simply photocopied. They would not have been legitimate because each PROPERLY PRINTED coupon (or improperly using the “cookies” trick alluded to) had its own INDIVIDUAL barcode. Copying the coupon at the nearest FedEx/Kinko’s wouldn’t do that.

  3. I got mine. In fact I got four of them.
    Dinner for the next four days (my wife is out of town at meetings and this way I don’t have to cook dinner)!

  4. That chicken still looks fried – it looks like they put friend chicken on a grill for a minute or two – weird!

  5. Yes, it’s on my list. I’m designer, writer and tech for this blog, so i get a little behind sometimes. thanks for reminding me.

  6. This link for the coupon did not work.
    And come on! Stop apologizing for eating at KFC. It is great to support local business but little cheap fast food once in awhile never hurt anyone.

  7. I love that it’s not valid on Mother’s Day. I had no idea that was such a big day for KFC! Now I know what I’m getting my mom.
    BTW- Heather- you plan on fixing that thing on the “forums” where it says there have been no posts or responses when there actually have been?

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