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Freaking Tacos: Freaking Awesome Tacos and Sopes in Santa Rosa

Cheap tacos , killer sopes and al pastor are delish at this hard-to-find taqueria.

$1 tacos usually raise alarm bells for me. Then again, so do $6 tacos.

Somewhere in between is the sweet spot, where value meets a reasonable expectation of deliciousness and sustenance. I’m happy to announce that I’ve found a $1 taco — at least until the end of August — that is both good and cheap at the newly opened

You’ve got to buy 5 for the deal, but that gives you the chance to hit up nearly all of the taco meats, which include asada, chicken, al pastor, carnitas and birria (they also have a veggie if you’re so inclined). Al pastor (shaved beef with pineapple) is a riff on Lebanese schwarma, and here it’s saucy and rich and perfect on a taco.

Sope from Freaking Taco (YELP)

Birria is typically a stew meat (here it’s beef) with a mildly spicy kick. Both are favorites, along with the asada. Carnitas (shredded pork) misses the mark a bit, lacking the crisp fattiness that true taquerias get so right, but for $1 it’s worth a try.

Sopes are $3.25 and maybe my very favorite thing on the menu. A tiny corn bowl that soaks up all the meaty goodness piled on top — meat, sour cream, lettuce and queso fresco. You can also grab wet-rittos (saucy burritos), quesadillas and nachos for $7.25, but really, the tacos and sopes are the freaking stars of Freaking Taco. Don’t expect anything fancy, this is definitely a walk-up or take-out spot, but for the price, its a steal of a deal.

400 W. Third St., Santa Rosa, 707-890-5003,

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6 thoughts on “Freaking Tacos: Freaking Awesome Tacos and Sopes in Santa Rosa

  1. I went there yesterday (Thursday) at 10:10am (supposed to open at 10) and the place was totally dark, absolutely nobody inside. Not sure I want to go out of my way to try again.

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