Franzi’s Swiss Italian Deli

I feel so wrong. So very, very wrong.

Wafts of my lunch chastise me at regular intervals from the patchwork of drips and stains covering my clothes. My sated stomach gurgles. My conscience is troubled.

Without a second thought or even a napkin, I have scarfed down a sandwich the size of Cleveland–beef brisket covered in melty smoked cheddar with mayonnaise, pickles, onions and peppers on a sourdough bun.

There, I said it.

A surprise find in the Petaluma’s OSH shopping center (I was
actually on my way elsewhere on a food tip), I was pulled in by the
undeniable gravitational pull of fresh barbecue. (You’ll see the smoking
‘cue on the sidewalk just down from Jerome’s BBQ).

On Franzi’s menu board (aside from the brisket) is a United
Nations of sandwiches including the BBQ Tri Tip, pulled pork, Louisiana hot links and Petaluma BBQ chicken, Rueben, Panini and Persian in addition to St. Louis ribs and fresh made Baklava. Most specialities are under $8, which is a pretty good deal for that much meaty goodness.

But oh that evil, delicious gigantic beef brisket! BiteClub could not resist wolfing down
every last morsel on the ride home. Then licking fingers and searching
around for any missed morsels that have escaped the carnage. My dry cleaner will be horrified.

Not that I wasn’t warned. “You eat half now, half for dinner,” said the kindly lady at the Franzi’s Swiss Italian Deli, nearly toppling from the weight of my sandwich. Cha, right.

Oh, the guilt. Oh, the shame. Oh, the stains. Oh, what a sandwich.

Franzi’s Swiss Italian Deli, 1390 North McDowell Blvd., Petaluma, 707.664.1339