Finger food

Petit fours are quite possibly the cutest food ever invented, making them compulsory for any event involving:

  • Tea
  • Pregnant women
  • Meeting-your-mother-in-law
  • Any combination of the aforementioned.

Homemade? Phooey. Get your desserts the old-fashioned way–with a credit card. Conveniently located near the Petaluma Factory Outlet mall, Divine Delights operates a small outlet store from their Petaluma bakery.

With everything from Mice-A-Fours (which contain no actual mice) to chocolate truffle, raspberry, strawberry and lemon-flavored petit fours, there’s a taste for just about every palate. And, at about $1 a piece (some run slightly higher), they’re a bargain, which should really please your mother-in-law.

Divine Delights
1250 Hold Road

Stay tuned for their debut on the Food Network’s “Unwrapped”, Nov. 6, 7 and 10.