Fake Fieri dupes interviewer

This is hilarious. Apparently there’s someone impersonating our very own Foodnetwork Star, Guy Fieri during a KC Royals game. The broadcaster gets duped, but it’s clear to anyone watching this guy doesn’t have the Fieri Fire.

Guy quickly Twittered that the faux fan wasn’t in fact him. “Some cat is playin me in KC,” he told fans. That’s so NOT money, baby.


16 thoughts on “Fake Fieri dupes interviewer

  1. Urban dictionary, ref. Bugs Bunny
    term of derision often uttered by Bugs Bunny when referring to an interaction with a dopey adversary. It is a mispronunciation of the word “Moron”
    “What a Maroon!” “Will ya get a load of this maroon”

  2. Maroon is a word, as in: What a maroon–
    Moron is too. Why do people attack fellow comment-writers?

  3. Haha, that’s hilarious! Fieri is such a goofball, it’s fitting this goofball impersonated him. Of course the guy sounds nothing at all like Fieri, which makes it even funnier. I bet that guy and his friends were cracking up after that horrible reporter interviewed him.
    re “maroon”: See Urban Dictionary – Maroon.

  4. Maroon? or Moron? Hmmmm…. Let’s see here….. Guy Wanna-be or competent speller Wanna-be? You decide. I thought it was fricken hilarious!!!

  5. THis is so funny to witness the behavior of two clowns. Will the real imposture step forward. Whoops both! Sorry Guy.

  6. Anyone who has heard or watched Guy would know right away it wasn’t him. Guy talks all the time and only stops to take a breath!!!!

  7. does anyone remember the shigella virus that is primarily contracted in MEXICO that sickened and killed people from dining at johnny garlics.Could that be from FIERI hiring illegal aliens.It is a pus filled diareha that sickens and kills primarily from human dung and not properly washing hands.I wonder if those employees were in the country legally and if they were tested for basic sanitary practice in food service.Tell the truth Guy Fieri.Shigella is found primarilly in Mexico and South America

  8. Come on people. This imposter doesn’t even sound like Guy. His voice is too flat and washy. Guy has a very distinct voice. However I do agree with the previous poster. His restaurants are going down hill and the Tex Wasabi here is Sacramento is horrible. I’ve been there once and that was because someone elso paid. I wouln’t give a nickle for the food.

  9. Love Guy’s shows on Food Network, but his restaurants are horrible. Such a disappointment since he’s local.

  10. I just saw Guy Fieri driving a yellow Lamborgini on Fountain Grove Expressway on Tuesday.

  11. His own shows on the Food Network, Cooking on the Today show, Letterman and Grand Marshall for NASCAR
    For those who had any doubt that Guy is a Huge Star.. this video says it all.
    Now even the Phoney Guy’s are getting national coverage.
    Imitation is the best form of flattery… that and a huge pay check

  12. There were two wannabes on that clip. The Guy Fieri wannabe and the competent-announcer wannabe.
    Suckered by a ballpark bum! He’ll be laughing that one off for a while!

  13. The interviewer has no clue, must be high on a few drinks and fake Guy is a copy cat, just want to create an image for someone that better than himself.

  14. Guy’s hair is MUCH better. This guy looks almost bald in front! Plus this guy looks too fat. Bad man!

  15. Well, DUH…have these people even watched Guy…you would know…but he sure does look like him…

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