Fake A Homemade Thanksgiving: Whole Foods

Whole Foods has Thanksgiving wrapped up

The look of shock and horror on my mother’s face when I suggested we buy our Thanksgiving dinner at a grocery store was, well, priceless. Though it’s not far from the look of exhaustion and financial incredulousness we all have after spending three days buying food and slaving over a hot stove.
I’m not saying it isn’t worth all the money and effort. I’m just saying maybe there’s another way.
Call it Fakesgiving: A homestyle spread that looks and tastes every bit as good as the one you make. Maybe better (sorry mom). Just call it your own, and no one has to be the wiser. Prices range from a thrifty $12.50 per person to $25 and up.
Whole Foods has mastered the art of Fakesgiving with complete dinner packages, from a traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie dinner to a Latin feast with pork and pumpkin tamales and mole sauce. They’ve also got vegan and vegetarian options, organic, and mix-n-match options that include ham, New York strip roast, and sassy sides like Dungeness Crab and brie macaroni and cheese; broccoli cheddar potato gratin and oyster stuffing.
The pre-order lines are open until Tuesday  (11/23) but the store will be open until 10pm Wedneday night and 2pm on Thanksgiving day to pick up whatever deliciousness they’ve got on hand (and they promise to have lots). Best bets: Broccoli cheddar gratin, crab and brie make, pumpkin pie and to pair: Romerhof Reisling ($9.99).

Whole Foods, 390 Coddingtown Mall, Santa Rosa, 542-7411. Call for individual store details in at 1181 Yulupa (575-7915) and Sebastopol (6910 McKinley St., Sebastopol, 829-9801).


7 thoughts on “Fake A Homemade Thanksgiving: Whole Foods

  1. I second Pacific Market (or one of the other locally owned grocers). Their food actually tastes good and it’s locally owned and operated so, that’s two points over Whole Foods. If you shop the sales, it’s also reasonably priced. But, I do like Whole Foods Juice Bar. Either way, Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Pre order a pre cooked Thanksgiving meal? This is the basic of all meals. Simple enough for anyone to cook even those of who can’t cook a gourmet meal. But hey, if you have to pre order the bird make it fresh and local, get it from Pacific Market! All of Pacific Market’s pre ordered, pre cooked Thankgiving meals feature our own famous local Willie Bird Turkeys.

  3. I’m going to have to dissent on this one, Heather! I find Whole Paycheck pre-prepared foods, as a rule, to be mediocre and universally overpriced. Now, maybe their Thanksgiving spread can outperform, and to be fair, I’ve only had it once, from a branch in SF, but once was much more than enough: Last year, my sister in law insisted on bringing the full spread from Whole Paycheck (over my objections, naturally), and so I tried the lot of it. The best dishes – and there weren’t many – were inoffensive but banal; the worst – I still have nightmares about the vegetarian stuffing and gravy – were spit-out inedible. My advice, if you don’t want to make your own (and there is no shame in that) is to call on Downtown Bakery, Traverso’s, any good, local market/deli you know of, and see what they’ve got.

  4. Yes, but don’t forget to go somewhere else for your Sonoma County wines for the Holiday. The local selection at Whole Foods is just north of lame. They should be embarrassed. Hey, Bottle Barn is just up the street!

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