Evelyn Cheatham on Chopped

Santa Rosa chef and mentor gets Chopped

Well, seems we totally missed seeing our very own Evelyn Cheatham of Worth Our Weight in Santa Rosa on the Food Network show, Chopped.

The episode, entitled Happy Turkey Gizzards Day was a, you guessed it, Thanksgiving themed show. Gizzards showed up in the basket up mystery ingredients along with pumpkin pie. Unfortunately Evelyn got Chopped in the first round, but honestly she’s got bigger fish to fry.

Cheatham is working to turn the Cook House at 327 A St. into a small diner for graduates of her culinary apprentice program. Let’s just hope gizzards aren’t on that menu.

Video of the show hasn’t shown up on the Chopped website yet, but is slated to air again on Nov. 17 and 18 on Food Network.




2 thoughts on “Evelyn Cheatham on Chopped

  1. It was on tonight in rerun and I think Evelyn was robbed. Her dish looked beautiful and was more creative than the others.

  2. I hope that gizzards DO show up on the menu! I love gizzards. My mom (who made the bestest fried chicken when I was growing up) used to save the gizzards and heart just for me, and fried ’em up with the rest of the chicken. Delish!

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