Downtown Santa Rosa Bar Closed for Rehab

"Never neglect an opportunity for improvement", say Santa Rosa bar owners.

Folks have been noticing that Stout Brothers Irish Pub and Restaurant in downtown Santa Rosa has been shuttered—and are wondering exactly what’s up?

According to owners, the bar is undergoing some renovations as well as getting a brand new menu, reopening in October. But is there more to the closure, since signs on the door say the bar’s liquor license has been suspended?


“So excited to reopen our doors this October. We hope you will be there to join us in our transformation from club to pub!” says the restaurant and bar’s website.

And, in fact, there are plenty of pictures of the renovation online as well. 

Facebook, Sunny Chandi

However, Biteclubbers noticed that an earlier Facebook post suggested that there were some “unfortunate circumstances” around the sudden closure. A search on California’s Alcohol Beverage Control website revealed that the bar’s alcohol license was suspended for 40 days, beginning August 31. Signs are also posted on the bar’s front door.  A call to Chandi Hospitality Group, which owns the pub, was not returned.


The Chandi Hospitality Group recently opened Beer Baron in Santa Rosa with a group of partners, and also owns Bibi’s Burger Bar. County Bench restaurant shuttered early this summer but is slated to reopen as an Indian restaurant and lounge.



9 thoughts on “Downtown Santa Rosa Bar Closed for Rehab

  1. Public information, it was due to beating up patrons and tossing them out like trash into the street. oh yah on several different occasions. Not rumor, Pete… facts! I can’t believe they are still able to operate after how bad they last guy was beaten. Good luck on cleaning up your act @stout bros

    1. Rumors and murmurs ruin the reputation of a business. Further more being with the company as security for the past year and a half not once have we beat patrons and left the unconscious. Thank you and have a nice day

  2. I find that title to be very insensitive. Just say remodeling don’t make some kind of horrible pain at the expense of people with alcoholism

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