Donut Cafe opens

Happiness is a warm donut and a cup of coffee. Not every day, mind you, but as a personal victory lap for the little hurdles in life. Say, waking up and getting dressed or perhaps having bent down to pick up the newspaper.

It’s easy to find a reason. Harder to find a good donut.

The Donut Cafe has recently opened on Montgomery Drive (near Lepe’s Taqueria) to fulfill your early-morning pastry needs. These little pillows of sugary goodness are made fresh each day and they throw open the doors at 5am every day of the week, spurning eager-beaver joggers and health-nuts. Or maybe rewarding them.

BiteClub leaves it to you to justify a nice glazed jelly or maple log. Just know the Donut Cafe is there at the crack of dawn should you need them.

Donut Cafe, 4275 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa, 707.539.2416. Open daily from 5am to 6pm.