Do you need food due to the fires? Let us help

Sonoma County chefs are looking to feed those affected by the fires. Do you know of any needs? Let's get you connected.

As of Saturday afternoon, most Sonoma County shelters have reported being fine on food through Sunday. However, there are many chefs in Sonoma County and beyond who are desperate to help — and can make several hundred meals in commercial kitchens for as long as it is needed. People with special diets can be accommodated. 

Chefs from San Francisco, Kendall-Jackson, Backyard and others have been working tirelessly, but need to know how to help.

Prepared meals for fire victims at Valette restaurant. (Facebook)

Any central location that needs food — be it evacuees, first-responders, government workers, media or other groups who are working through this event to help people — is welcome to contact me. Are you helping with animals and need food? Let us know.

Also, if you have a spot where people with family members staying with them can pick up meals, contact me. There are families with 10 people crammed into a house, and they need food too.

I am collaborating with food trucks and chefs who can continue to serve food throughout the next few weeks for folks that might be overlooked. If you have special needs — a shelter was trying to have a fun football themed dinner — I can try to arrange that. We are all here to help. Here are some ways to contact me:




7 thoughts on “Do you need food due to the fires? Let us help

  1. There are many locations where people can donate necessities such as food clothing and other necessities, but there does not seem to be a place Where there is a composite list of those locations.
    Calling 211 is a waste of time, they have no information.

    Searching the PDM website I can’t find anything, is it frozen and I just can’t find it ?

  2. Hello Heather. I will try to Facebook you a message as well. I will be short. Aaron at srjc is cooking up a storm and serving meals but they need to move Sunday to a commercial kitchen space. I am trying to get in touch with Spreckels maybe to see if they would help.
    They also need food the next two days they have run out after serving over 8000 meals. we have some deliveries coming from Safeway Bakery today and tomorrow.
    I am arranging delivery angels to grab food and donations from places and deliver them to the places that need it: as in food for srjc right now. The contact is Aaron his number is 415-846-9565
    Mireille (mee-ray)

  3. We are incredibly grateful to have a home and our hearts go out to our friends, family, and everyone who lost a home. While we still have a home, we were without power for almost 5 days and evacuated for the same. We live paycheck to paycheck and our claim for the hotel hasn’t gone through plus the added cost of eating out in addition to the groceries lost in the fridge has left us pretty broke until payday. We still don’t have gas for our stove and hot water. I’m embarrassed and ashamed to sound like I’m complaining considering my house is standing, but I wanted to bring attention to the middle ground. Affected but not horribly so, yet left at a financial loss and can’t cook at home yet. Just needed to share our story.

    1. Thank you for illustrating the reality of what many, many others are going through. PLEASE don’t think it sounds like “complaining”; the massive disruption in routine, the costs, etc. are horrendous. Be patient with yourself, be kind to yourself and continue to be the brave lady you obviously are.

      Get all the help that is available; including signing up for food stamps like advised below.

  4. Hey, for all those out there who were affected by the fire. You need to sign up for Food Stamps. I’m from New Orleans and went through Hurricane Katrina. We lost almost everything and Food Stamps was one of the things that helped.

  5. Apparently food that normally goes to the Homeless Shelters has been diverted to evacuation shelters, so the homeless shelters don’t have enough food to feed everyone. So it would be awesome if they could cook for those who have been homeless long term. These people are part of our community too.

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