Congrats Doug Keane

Local chef wins Top Chef Masters

Douglas Keane with his favorite dog.
Douglas Keane with his favorite dog.
Douglas Keane with his favorite dog.
Douglas Keane with his favorite dog.

We’d be amiss not to mention the winner of Top Chef Masters, Chef Douglas Keane formerly of Cyrus. The toque won a total of $120,000 for Sonoma County’s Green Dog Rescue with his complex and clever dishes including a deconstructed nacho with shrimp, powdered nacho chips and salsa consomme, soba wrapped ocean trout with ginger dashi and groats, duck breast with sake-roasted daikon, tamarind, golden pea sprouts and dates and black sesame panna cotta, shattered miso custard and green tea matcha for dessert.

Keane is currently running Healdsburg Bar and Grill and will soon open DK Wings at the Graton Resort and Casino featuring gourmet chicken wings, fried chicken and a pickle bar featuring Keane’s own fermented recipes.

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6 thoughts on “Congrats Doug Keane

  1. Congratulations Mr. Keane. Worthy enterprise benefiting worthy cause. Esteem able citizenship. T
    hank you for making our community a better place.

  2. It’s great to love dogs and all that, but what the HELL is the dog doing in the kitchen?! Sitting on a food prep surface? Licking the chef WHILE he’s cooking? Not cool…

  3. well, it’s about time there was a mention! The PD loves to sensationalize the negative but when really exciting, good news comes along, and this by a FAMOUS chef in SoCo, the PD can hardly bring itself to write about it, and then waits till the show is over. Can someone please try to explain the logic behind that?

    1. I’m not totally sure how to address this, since i’m sort of outside the scope of the newsroom decisions. I think that from past experience working in newsrooms, there is a separation between “hard news” and “soft news” and congratulatory things just aren’t often considered “hard news” and are covered more by the features staff.

      I can talk about my own process, which is to be a food cheerleader for local chefs, farmers, etc. I do take heat for it sometimes, being told I’m a shill or whatever. But I think that someone does need to point out the amazing things happening in our county in a fun, approachable way. I’ve been fortunate to be able to have a print column that allows me to do that, and I’m grateful for that.

      I’ve mentioned Doug’s involvement in the show as well as his DK Wings countless times. However, it gets hard to keep track since we have SO MANY local chefs involved in so many amazing projects.

      Being a reporter isn’t an easy job by any means, and we are holding ourselves up for public comment and opinion in every story that is written. I have nothing but respect for the staff here who put themselves out there every day. So maybe cut them a break.

      1. Heather,

        You do a great Job. You are always true to yourself and to reporting. Doug was spectacular. Only watched the final. He was centered , present and true to his form in cooking . It is an honor to have him as a Sonoma County Chef. Besides he, is a dog person!!! You can see that compassion and passion in every part of his life. Bravo Doug!!

    2. I believe the finale was televised this week, so I imagine they waited until the official announcement even though Doug won months ago. I watched the whole season and Doug and his Sous chef were stars even with their ups and downs. Looking forward to the new restaurant.

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