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Cinnaholic Coming to Santa Rosa

Berkeley vegan bakery, Cinnaholic, sets sights on Santa Rosa

Cinnaholic Vegan Bakery coming to Santa Rosa
Cinnaholic Vegan Bakery coming to Santa Rosa
Cinnaholic owner Shannon Radke is bringing her vegan cinnamon rolls to Santa Rosa
Cinnaholic owner Shannon Radke is bringing her vegan cinnamon rolls to Santa Rosa

As if the gooey, sugary cinnamon roll couldn’t get any more decadent, Berkley-based Cinnaholic takes it one step further — mix and match frosting and toppings.

Think fro-yo meets the bakery case.

Santa Rosa is slated to be one of its next outposts, serving up Irish Cream frosting with pie crumbles and chocolate sauce slathered all over their vegan buns. Not into that combo? There are 39 other frosting flavors and 21 toppings ranging from marshmallows to Oreos. All of it 100 percent vegan, meaning completely animal, dairy and egg-free. (And yes, Oreos are vegan.)

So far no word on the exact location or opening date, but we’ll be looking forward to the sweet smell of fresh baked buns somewhere in Santa Rosa.

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14 thoughts on “Cinnaholic Coming to Santa Rosa

  1. For one of largest vegan menus in county I always go to Sonoma Taco Shop at 100 Brookwood ave in Santa Rosa.

  2. Well said Kyle-I am a proud meat eater that happens to the mother of a proud vegan so I had to learn everything so I could cook for her when she
    comes over. Half my pantry is stocked with all the substitutes for recipes!

  3. Susan is correct. Another example is red dye #40 and gelatin/ marshmallows. However, I don’t think it comes down to being a “hardcore” vegan. I believe that it comes down to either being vegan or not being vegan. Like people say they are vegetarian but they eat fish, that one always cracks me up… Pescetarianism is a crack up too. They are meat eaters either way you slice it… Vegan, Vegetarian, Meat eater. I am a proud meat eater married to a proud vegan. It’s a very interesting synergy.

  4. Bone char, which is used to process sugar, is made from the bones of cattle from Afghanistan, Argentina, India, and Pakistan. The bones are sold to traders in Scotland, Egypt, and Brazil who then sell them back to the U.S. sugar industry. The European Union and the USDA heavily regulate the use of bone char. Only countries that are deemed BSE-free can sell the bones of their cattle for this process. Bone char—often referred to as natural carbon—is widely used by the sugar industry as a decolorizing filter, which allows the sugar cane to achieve its desirable white color. Other types of filters involve granular carbon or an ion-exchange system rather than bone char.

  5. “A lot of vegans will not touch white sugar, so this would be a deal
    breaker for people..”

    Huh? They using a sugar that comes from animals?

  6. A lot of vegans will not touch white sugar, so this would be a deal
    breaker for people I know- regular sugar is the first ingredient in an oreo-
    doesn’t say organic or raw or brown- just sayin’

  7. I love the comments. very funny! I’m really eager to try them too. Sadly, vegan doesn’t equate to “diet”, so it will have to be a special event. 😉

  8. This is a great step forward (shall I say backwards?) to bringing more vegan, plant based options, to Sonoma County. With a little luck this will inspire non-vegans to open their minds, and their hearts, to how plant based, vegan foods, can not only taste good, but also feel good, and make the world a little better with every bite. I wish this company all the success and I will surely make a special trip on my BICYCLE to buy a bun from a very pretty cinnamon roll maker:)

  9. I DESPISE vegan desserts but at the request of my wife, we had their Cinnamon rolls at our wedding 4 years ago. A sort or Cinnamon roll bar with multiple toppings to choose. Our guests loved it and I thought they were very good.

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