Carmen’s Burger Bar: Second location

Carmen's Burger Bar is expanding

Popular burgery, Carmen’s Burger Bar is expanding. A second location is slated to open near the intersection of Mark West Springs Road and Old Redwood Highway.


19 thoughts on “Carmen’s Burger Bar: Second location

  1. I’ve never been to the original location, but I just went to the one next to Sutter Hospital. I had a bacon cheese burger, fries, and some chili. The chili was made there, and not the usual heavy, thick, greasy kind. It was a bit watery, and still had great flavor, with a little kick to it.
    The fries were good enough to eat on their own, but since I love ketchup, I drowned most of them it it anyway. Still, I consider a fry good when it can stand up by itself.
    The hamburger was spot on. Cooked to my specifications. The bun was fantastic. The burger to bun ratio was good; I would even say the bun could have been slightly bigger, and still have a good ratio. The beef had a good flavor to it, which has lingered well past my leaving the establishment, and that is a good sign, in my opinion. Veggies were fine. I might ask for mayo next time. Not sure. The bacon had a bit of crispiness, but not too much, which I appreciate. I like my bacon to have meaty substance, and not be a charred remnant of what used to be tasty pork belly.
    I am not some shill for this company. I really enjoyed the food, and when I can afford it, I’ll be back.

  2. Love this place. Just opened in our neighborhood & I’m thrilled. I am not a fan of buns & burgers which is about the most expensive place around…even their corn dogs (my kids like) are high. I’ve been embarassed when family stops there on the way to my house & they were stuck with a $40 bill.
    Carmen’s new location is great, we ate there on opening night & it was delicious. Having a bar in the area is nice….Cricklewood is a very dark place. Carmen’s is very bright inside and clean. Even my picky son ate everything on his plate. They put lids on the kids’ drinks which is a plus. My husband got the triplets & loved them. Their poppyseed dressing is SO good! I agree that the staff is never very friendly, but the atmosphere is great & best of all, walking distance from our house. Good luck Carnen on your new location….I’ve been a fan for years & could not wait for you to open.

  3. I like Carmens and will try the new location – I actually work when I am there and LIKE the SLOW service as I can get a few things finished! Excellent bread – GREAT burrito – and the salads ar PERFECT – Great for you Carmen and Crew!!

  4. I agree that the service is awful. We stopped eathing there due to the VERY poor and slow service. Oh and fyi it is no faster to sit at the bar, we tried that and it seem worse!! I felt like the food was very over priced and they were cheep with the amount of fries they gave, jeeze it a darn patoto cut losse with a decent amount of fries!!

  5. I eat at Carmen’s at least once a month. The burgers are the best in Santa Rosa. Reasonably priced too. I am looking forward to trying their new location.

  6. I agree with most of the other posts. I feel that Carmen’s is a decent burger and the menu has a little more variety but it is too over priced and the service is HORRIBLE! Good luck retaining your business if you’re going to continue putting your customers last.

  7. A second location? I’m confused because there first location produces nothing more than a glorified fast food burger. I asked for it medium rare, it came well done. I expect a fresh bun, it was leaning towards the firm side & completely feel apart as if it was old. And to make matters worse, i had to order a side to go with it! The Belvedere has WAY cheaper burgers, there WAY better & it comes with a side. Another good choice is the Bear Republic & it also comes with a side. A long 3rd place finish is Super Burger. It’s in 3rd place because you also have to order a side there, plus my first 2 choices just flat out taste better than Super Burger!

    1. Seriously zolo76? Cheeseburger and fries at Belvedere? You actually prefer Wonderbread and a frozen patty for $10? Superburger is cheaper at under $9 for a huge cheeseburger and fries and the meat is fresh ground everyday and the bun is baked at Santa Rosa’s own Franco-American bakery. Bear Republic makes a really good burger and fries but at $13 you can do the math. So what is your point again?

  8. Love Carmens! Cheap and delicious food with a full bar!! A rarity in SR. Good luck on the second location guys!!

  9. I went to Carmen’s once, it was very slow and expensive and not all that great. I’d rather patronize a place like Bun’s and Burgers. Delicious and reasonably priced.

  10. I sure hope the service improves. They are sooooo slow !. Since so many people go there at a work lunch hour, you would think they would realize that time is important. They act like they have all the time in the world to take your order and then you have to wait and wait to get your bill…..horrible service, unless I guess if you’re sitting at the bar.

    1. Well.. Buns and Burgers have gone down hill since the change in ownership. The quality is just not the same. I welcome Carmen’s, it’s a wonderful establishment.

    2. I think its a different demographic. Buns and burgers has always been a walk-up sort of spot, very casual. Carmens is a sit-down spot — and in Santa Rosa they have a full bar. I think that may have been legacy to the previous tenant, but it makes for a more grown-up spot where you can linger over a dinner rather than squat and gobble. (Not that there’s anything wrong with squatting and gobbling).

  11. Heather,
    It seems like the articles That I click on don’t want to give me anystory to read ! Are there special instructions needed ??? I am not the most tech savvy person, but, Ienjoy the articles!

    1. why would carmans want 2 open another when the one she has, has gone so far down hill that we quit eating there. burgers have gone down hill and the prices have gone UP in cost.

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